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7 super easy Copywriting Tips for Beginners

Copywriting is one of the most in-demand high-Income skills.

And if you wish to learn copywriting from scratch.

Here are 7 Super easy copywriting tips for beginners that can make your copy sell. 

7 Super Easy Copywriting Tips

Copywriting Tips

1. You need desire not a Degree

Don’t be frightened by the idea of learning how to write copy.

When I first learned about copywriting, I also have the same thoughts, I was a bit unsure that I don’t have a lot of certificates, I’m very good with English or grammar.

I don’t have a journalism degree or professional writing skills.

Thinking of all this, I hesitated a lot to start with copywriting.

But with a year of experience, I learned that I don’t need a certificate, I don’t have to be any professional writer, my English markers in high school do not matter either.

Copywriting is an art of selling not an art of writing. And all you should focus on is “Writing to sell”.

No school teaches these skills, you either learn by reading some good copywriting books or some amazing online copywriting course.

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2. Learn to write Short-form copy First 

The second copywriting tips are,

When it comes to copywriting, there are so many different types of copywriting.

Such as long-form sales copy, a long landing page, or crafting a webinar, crafting a sales E-mail.

To anybody who is starting learning copywriting, I’ve always suggested getting started learning short-form copy first.

A short form of copy could be an email, it could be an autoresponder sequence[Chatbot], it could be a social media post, it could be an Instagram post, it could be a short form, Facebook, or even Google ads with just a headline and a few lines.

This is just to see how people respond, you’re crafting short paragraphs or headlines once to get feedback from your audience

If you see that people can connect with your copy or respond to it, you are good to move to the long-form copy.

But if people cannot connect or are not taking any action to your copy, you have to work more on improving your copy.

Writing short-form copy takes less time, which means it’s good for practice, as you can see quick results and evaluate yourself better.

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3. 80/20 Rule

copywriting tips

The 80/20 Rule in copywriting tips no. 3 means –

Spends 80% of your time doing research and only 20% of the time writing.

One of the biggest mistakes I see a lot of beginner copywriters make, is they get all excited, they can wait to go to their laptop or you’ve got a pen and the legal pad, and they start writing.

That’s not what you want to do you want to spend a majority of your time researching about your prospect.

Getting to know what are their frustrations, what are the pain points, what are the goals, where do they want to get once you know a lot about your prospects, you’re much easier you have what is a time crafting a message that speaks directly to them something that they would resonate with versus you rush into it you just want to write.

If you do your job right, if you do your research right when you write that copy, it is so much easier and so much faster.

So spend a lot of time thinking about it, just researching about it, right, just thinking through things to think about the hooks, think about the pain points, think about before you want to think of covering 

“If It Doesn’t Sell, It Isn’t Creative.”

David Ogilvy

4. Write the way you Talk

That’s why having that ingredient, and getting the full education is not important because

When it comes to writing copy that sells, it’s about communicating, you connecting and communicating with your customer or your prospect or your reader is the most important thing.

So you have to write in very simple language.

A Killer Copy is to the point and delivers its message real quick.

An academic writer may try to write something to make themselves sound smart, but the audience’s not very easily understandable.

Thus, it does not convey the message easily.

Unless the reader is not confident he will not make a purchase and the conversion rate of your copy will decrease.

So you don’t write smart, write simple, that’s the way you talk.

Also, when you’re writing, think of when you are writing to one person vs writing to a group of people.

When you are communicating with a large group, you have to make it understandable for everyone.

But when you write for a very small niche group your message would be more personalized, the message would be more relatable, it would be more convincing.

You take a lot of time just sitting across the table and writing sales copy to a large mass.

Researches have shown copy written to a specific target audience is 28% more likely to convert better than copywritten to great masses.

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5. Building your Swipe Files 

Copywriting tips no. 5 –

A swipe file is not less than a 24-carrot gold mine for a beginner copywriter.

In fact, this is the best copywriting tip I can give to a beginner copywriter to learn copywriting for free.

It is to build a swipe file for sales copies that have performed well and get inspiration to write their sales copy.

You can also refer to this link – Swipe File | Swipe File Examples From Top Copywriters & Marketers (Free)

Copywriting Tips - Building Swipe file

“A Good Advertisement Is One Which Sells The Product Without Drawing Attention To Itself.”

David Ogilvy

6. Write one sales copy Daily

So as a beginner because you don’t have any experience, what you should do is to study other people’s work.

You want to get out there by email other people’s landing pages, other people’s letters, marketing messages and catalogs, and everything they do for paid ads.

When you study other people’s work, you start picking up patterns.

This simple exercise brushes up your copywriting skills.

Below is the picture of my diary in which I copy 1 to 2 Sales copy written by professional copywriters just to excel my copywriting skills.

Copywriting tips - Write one sale copy Daily
Copywriting tips - Write one sale copy Daily

So you must write something daily to keep up with practice and brushing your skills.

The last thing you want to do is you run a computer and you’re staring at a blank screen, and try to come up with stuff that’s very, very difficult to do.

That’s not what a professional copywriter would do, they have this archive of swipe files, they would refer to it, you know, anybody can aim for a supplement product.

Through those swipe files, you can know What are some of the ads, what are some of the proven offers, selling a similar product right, that is working for this industry.

Here’s an angle that works with a headline that works. What they do is they look at all of that and say, okay I think I could come up with something similar, right, or maybe I can change the angle a little bit depends on what you’re selling, and then there you go.

So it’s not about creativity for the sake of creativity I want to come up with something that no one’s ever, ever came up with that is stupid. Okay, you don’t wanna do that, because when you go to the bank.

So be smart building up your swipe file.

7. Write Killer Headline

The last copywriting tips but not the least is to come up with a killer Headline.

The headline is the most important part of any copy.

Your complete copy is worthless unless your headline cannot pain point your target audience.

Nobody will read your copy if the headline is triggering their pain point.

A copywriter spends a lot of time researching his audience to understand the problem of his target audience.

Once he finds the major problem his target audience is facing, a copywriter target that pain point to attract the reader’s attention.

Here’s a great example of a Shopify ad –

copywriting tips - headline examples

This ad campaign by Shopify is one of my favorite and I have saved it in my swipe file.

Shopify helps people to start an E-commerce store and this headline target the pain point of the people who wants to start an E-Commerce store.

One of my favorite Copywriting quotes from David Ogilvy

“When I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you find it ‘creative.’ I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product.” 

 David Ogilvy

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