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5 most important Seo Tips for beginners

 “Ahh if only I knew this earlier” is a common phrase for humans. And I am no exception. 

Anything and everything feels hard when you are in the learning phase and gets easier with time and practice. So was the case with me.  

When started SEO around 7-8 years back, information about SEO was scarce. I had to learn everything on my own with lots of trial and error. If I’m not lying, mostly errors. I don’t know any SEO tips or tricks that can work for me to choose the right path.

I have done countless mistakes and rectified them, but eventually. In a world where time is considered of equal importance to money, “eventually” won’t cut it.

And I want to help you save your time with these 7 SEO tips I wish I knew when I started, to avoid any major setbacks. 

And most of the SEO tips I’m about to give you can help you be successful outside of SEO too. You may want to note it down, so you don’t forget. 

seo tips

5 Essential Seo Tips for beginners 

Along with the above 10 tips, there are some more unique SEO tips that will help you as a beginner. As a beginner, you need some guidance to start SEO. In this blog, you will find those SEO tips which are important for you to start SEO on your own. These are cost-efficient SEO tips that anyone can easily understand and make in use.

1. Time to socialize! Find a mentor

Me asking you guys to socialize shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

Networking is an important weapon in one’s arsenal. Exchanging ideas, finding new opportunities, growth in status are a few benefits of networking. 

And to make all this happen you must socialize. This may be tough for some people, but you have to come out of your comfort zone for this one.

Importance of a mentor

I cannot stress enough how important having a mentor is. A mentor not only helps in your journey but also helps us make the right decisions careerwise while not straying away from the destination.   

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You won’t find successful SEO starts in any blogs. 

Yes, I said it. You may have gone through 100s of blog posts on how to create the best SEO strategy, what are some good SEO tips, in the hope of finding one for your business, or maybe a blog you are working on.

Yes, you can use blogs to get more ideas, but that won’t help you 100%. Here these SEO tips work for you.

When SEOs discover a new strategy or a tactic that works for them,  they don’t put it out to the public. This is not only confined to SEO but any company in general. 

You cannot expect them to do so too. Because it is THEIR secret to success and that is what put them ahead of the race. These SEO tips are for those people who read hundreds of blogs and get nothing. This is the main reason for your failure.

How and Where can you find a mentor?

Finding a mentor happens naturally. 

You can’t go to an SEO expert and ask them to be your mentor and give you ideas to make a foolproof SEO strategy. It won’t work. Straight and simple. 

Why will anyone be willing to spend their valuable time on you if you don’t show yourself to be willing to learn? 

It takes time and effort to build a relationship with someone who you think mentor you in the right direction. 

So do expect things to happen overnight. 

Social media groups

Social media groups are the easiest way to find a mentor. You can easily find a ton of freelancing and SEO groups on apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

There you can find and talk to people, who are SEO experts and are willing to help people to improve.

Beware of scam artists and fake gurus who try to extract money from you

Online courses

You can find mentors in online classes too. But this comes with a downside that there are many other students too. 

So you have to go that extra mile to show a willingness to learn that may pique the interest of the instructor.

Stay as far as possible from courses that are made half-heartedly. You can know about the credibility of the courses you do by simply researching on the internet. 

Internet is a powerful tool guy. Use it wisely. With these SEO tips, you will get the advantage of saving both money and time.


Internships are a great way to find a mentor you can trust. 

Getting an internship means half the work in getting a mentor is done. You are assigned with a mentor already and it is up to you how you build your relationship with him/her.

Show your potential to get their attention. 

internshala seo internships

2. Sometimes less is more 

Seo is an unregulated industry. There is no one on the internet to check and certify all the information out there. So, it is up to you to find and understand which strategies work for you in long term.

The rise of SEO as a career option has also given birth to a lot of fake gurus and coaches. So being on guard is one of the most important tips I can give for people learning SEO.

I recommend you guys to stick to 3-4 trusted SEO sources who have the reliable information that you are looking for. Going for more than 5 sources can be very misleading and can hurt your chances of success in the long run.

Don’t go fall into the notion of all knowledge is good knowledge. 

Where to find this reliable information?

From my personal experience, here are the 3 most reliable sources I use even today to learn and keep myself updated with SEO:

  • Ahrefs
  • Google search central blog
  • Semrush

3. Online courses are shortcuts to success….. Is what they sell

  Online Course is nice to have, not a must-have. They give you an advantage over the rest.

But that doesn’t mean you have to tighten your belt to do an online course. I know SEO experts who are self-taught and today are in a position to teach others. 

Most of the courses on the net are made to make money rather than teach SEO. It is better to self-study than saving up for these courses.

Advantages of an online course

All this being said, there are advantages to online courses too. 

  • Good online courses make your life as an SEO learner easy. You might still reach the expert level in SEO without an online course, but the journey will be way tougher.
  • One underrated thing about online courses is that they teach you self-discipline.
  • Online courses help you with creating a network with your classmates and the instructors can be your potential mentors.

It is important to keep in mind that even the greatest online course on SEO can be to your advantage only when are willing to put in the work.

Enrolling in a course because there is an offer or because one of your friends is enrolling is a waste of time and money. You may even lose interest in the long run. This is one of the most important SEO tips.

4. SEO uses tools… SEO isn’t tool

Seo Tips

SEO is all about how well you optimize your website according to the search engine but in the process, you need to take help from many tools.

Tools will help you out in getting detailed data of backlinks and the functioning of the website.

SEO small tools are generally free but if you need some detailed and specific data then you have to use the paid tool. 

Always keep one thing in mind that SEO is a combination of techniques that you apply to your website to rank it well.

But don’t deceive yourself into thinking tools are all there is to master in SEO. Even with all the advantages, they are still called tools for a reason.

Don’t spend your entire time learning all the tools related to SEO. There are so many SEO tools in the game right now, that I lost track of them. 


I spent countless hours learning tools that were of no use to me. And I wish I spent all the time on something which developed my actual SEO skills.

Remember that your topics and optimizations don’t come just from the tools.

Your strength as an SEO is being able to talk about all the contributions (from tools and real-world interviews) and bring them together to be the topic you should write about. 

By finding common ground between customers, sales, and service/support, you can deliver what people want to see at different points in the sales cycle.

Few good SEO tools

Best SEO tools are always down to preferences. But these tools, in my opinion, are a must-try.

  • Ahrefs: SEO Keyword Tool
  • SEMRush: Marketing SEO Tools
  • Answer the public: Long-tail keywords tool
  • Frase: End-to-End SEO content creation tool

These SEO tips help you to choose the best tools for SEO as a beginner.

5. Stop walking and start running 

Change is the only constant”. This holds for SEO too. SEO tips are essential to cope up with search engine algorithms also.

Changes in SEO

Since the 1990s, search engines and SEO have progressed dramatically.

This is not an article to educate you about all the changes in the game. There are dedicated blogs you can research for these changes.

But I will give a few examples of how SEO changed throughout the years. Discover these important SEO tips about the changes in search engine algorithms.

  • Key stuffing: Webmasters used to fill their website pages with keywords to get them to rank higher in the early days of SEO. 

They’d utilize black-hat keyword stuffing methods like putting them in invisible text or within the website’s code. 

Google eventually realized what was going on and changed its algorithm. 

Since then, Google has given preference to and reward sites that use natural keyword placement in their content.

  • Mobile-friendly sites: There has been a shift in focus from desktop to mobile search traffic during the last decade. Google now promotes mobile-friendly sites, as more people are surfing on their phones than ever before. Therefore you have to make your website mobile friendly.

To meet this shift in how consumers search, many websites have optimized for mobile in the last few years.

Furthermore, with mobile-first indexing; Google, indexes and ranks your site based on its mobile version. Making it even more critical that your site be mobile-friendly.

  • Quality over Quantity: With the changes in how SEOs used keywords, there was also a shift in how content was created. 

In past years, SEOs were more concerned with the amount of material rather than the quality. They’d crank out a slew of non-essential pages that were frequently badly written, overburdened with keywords, and had duplicate material.

For a time, websites that did this were able to score well for a variety of keywords despite providing low-quality material to their consumers. The majority of people who find a website are also Google users, and Google most likely sent them there. As a result, it is in Google’s best interests to guarantee that visitors are directed to high-quality material on trusted websites.

The emphasis has switched now, and Google places a premium on well-written and useful material. SEOs must now focus on producing high-quality content that organically combines keywords and informs users to rank in Google for a keyword.

The creation of new search engines, the demise of old search engines, new SERP features, new algorithms, and continual tests and changes – not to mention the introduction of outstanding SEO journals, conferences, tools, and specialists, have all been interesting turns in the history of SEO.

While search engines and SEO have evolved significantly over time, one thing stays constant: SEO will continue to be important as long as search engines exist.

How to keep yourself updated with changes in SEO

Along with following these SEO tips, Following trusted blogs, Twitter accounts, and youtube channels helped me stay in the game. A few of them would be: 

  • Google webmaster youtube channel
  • SEO patents
  • Google or Hubspot analytics

In addition to these SEO tips make sure to optimize your content according to on-page SEO. This is essential for a beginner as well as an expert.


SEO is a vast topic and it’s impossible to apply all the important things. These are some simple SEO tips for beginners which are easy to apply. These SEO tips make sure that a beginner may not make any mistakes during the initial days.

Choosing the correct mentor, working with search engine algorithms, get into an online course, using SEO tools ensures that you will get good traffic and gives you higher rankings in SERP results.

Also, know how to rank on google page #1.

Learning these basic SEO tips is of no loss, you will gain a lot from them in your future projects also.


Are SEO tools worth it?

Absolutely. SEO tools made it a lot easier than how SEO used to be. Given that you know when and how to use the tools. Being overdependent on the tools is never a good thing. 

Can SEO help your business?

Yes. Everybody is on the internet and about 5.6 billion people use Google search to find products and services. These people are keen to purchase a product or a service. If your website is optimized with the correct keywords and phrases, you will appear on their searches which makes you at the right place to catch their interest. These SEO tips help you to achieve this target.

Are SEO keywords case sensitive?

No. SEO keywords aren’t case sensitive. So feel free to play with the usage

Are These Seo Tips Enough For A Beginner?

Absolutely, these are basic and most important SEO tips for a beginner to apply. There are many more but they are of advanced level and not for beginners.

Any SEO tips to boost your sales?

Use long-tail keywords, be clear and to the point, create seller content, use social media, go mobile-friendly, manage your product reviews, write genuine product descriptions. These are the main SEO tips for sales.

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