Off-Page SEO techniques: 15 Best ways to build Backlinks

off-page SEO techniques 2021

Are you looking for some off-Page SEO techniques?

These are the exact steps every blog must follow to build authority and high-quality links.

All the details mentioned are proven and tested by our experts.

Including techniques such as directory submission, blog commenting, social media, reverse image, and more techniques to build backlinks. And also mentioned some top sites.

Before we start on how to build backlinks, let’s know what off-page SEO means,

Off Page SEO?

Off-page SEO is used to improve the search engine rankings for our keywords. It is used to build backlinks on other websites. It is a long-term process and continuous process. Off-page optimization is done offsite and usually, it isn’t visible on our website.

This helps in improving websites recognition, credibility, trustworthiness, and authority link building. It helps increasing traffic on our website organically. (Take an example of the car, if the wheels of the car are on-page SEO, so engines are the off-page SEO technique as important as on-page SEO.

Off-page SEO Tips.

Now as we know the importance of off-page SEO for our website, let’s dive into the techniques of building backlinks,

Off page SEO techniques:

1. Directory Submission:

A web directory is a kind of a website that has some categories, sub-categories and in some cases, sub-sub-categories are there. It provides a service to its users to submit their website or blog URL to the best suitable category according to their website’s business. Web directories are used to Build Quality Backlinks and are a great off-page technique used by SEO experts.

Types of Web Directory:

Paid or Featured Listing: Links which charge to list the website on their site. And approve our website quickly to list.

Regular link with Reciprocal Link: This may not take charges but when they approve your website for listing also you need to link their site on your website.

Free or regular listing: Which may list are site without charges but may take a lot of time to list the website.

When you list your website there are certain guidelines you need to follow and also submit information like email, URL, name, etc.

Top Directory submission sites:

2. Social bookmarking:

 A social bookmarking, off-page SEO technique is useful to build backlinks for your website on social media networking sites. These are mostly no-follow backlinks. Building backlinks on social networking sites. You can add a post, images, article on social networking sites and create a backlink of your website. The fastest way to increase backlink.

Top Social bookmarking sites:






My space,

Scoop it,





Google +.

3. Article Submission:

Article submission is the same as submitting directories, difference is just writing an article and submitting it to third parties websites. Writing articles that are related to our business or pages and publishing to others websites to get huge traffic on your website more exposure, higher rank, more customers, also is ranks our site for free so free marketing of our website. You should use different articles for different sites while submitting. Follow all the guidelines properly and read the terms and conditions before submitting articles.

Top article submission sites:

4. Infographic submission:

These days infographics are getting popular on the internet so, make unique and creative infographics then submit them on infographics submission sites and give reference links to your webpages.

Top infographics submission sites:

5. Relevant Blog Commenting:

Blog commenting is a great off-page technique that is commenting on blogs. So, in SEO, blog commenting is building high-quality backlinks of your site through commenting on the blogs, which are relevant to your content. Should use the blog site to comment which has higher page ranks than your website. Create backlinks on targeted keywords of your content in comments. Write a comment on that blog including that keyword and create a deep backlink on that keyword.

 And the quality backlink is created for your website, through which readers may also refer to your website also. For example, your website is about an SEO agency then, google best SEO blogs and select the top websites, and comment on that particular article.

blog commenting example

6. Social Media:

In social media off-page techniques, you need to add your website link to your social platforms bio. These are no-follow backlinks, they aren’t that authoritative. So, on google search for top social media sites and sign up for all the different social media and create a backlink for the website.

Top social media sites:





House party





WT Social


7. Video Submission:

Video submission technique is submitting video related to your company, brand like publishing products, services, etc., these are no-follow links so these are only used for getting traffic to your website by creating the link in the description. It is a kind of viral marketing so very useful for off-page SEO. Currently, YouTube is the biggest and greatest platform to create and share videos.

Top video submission sites:

8. Image Submission:

The image submission technique is uploading images related to your website on different image submission sites. Images should be properly optimized. Images shouldn’t be Copywrite and also relevant to your niche. An image should be of High quality with the proper size, format, etc.

Top image submission sites:

9. Guest posting:

Guest posting or blogging in posting your content on other websites as a guest. So by posting content on their website you get an external link on their website so the users arriving there may also visit your website. Through guest blogging, your products services may reach a wider audience. It helps both parties. It creates brand awareness, fresh content, etc and this way benefits the blog host.

And for guest blogger benefits are: having ongoing, relationships with bigger organizations, helps to reach to different bloggers readers who read their bloggers, by readers, we can grow our audience, get fame, etc.

Top guest posting sites:

10. Forum posting:

Forum posting is an online discussion site where people can hold conversations in the form of posted messages. In, SEO Forum Posting is a very good and effective method to generate backlinks. Forum Posting sites are crawled almost daily. This is the right place to get the knowledge or relevant information.

6 ways for forum postings:


·         Forum + niche,

·         Niche + discussion board,

·         Niche inurl:/forums,

·         Niche “ powered by VBulletin”

·         Inurl:/forum niche,

·         Intitle: forum niche.

These links are super powerful as you are getting links from a forum that is relevant to your industry, which is going to pass on tons of relevancy to your website.

11. Pdf submission:

Pdf submission is a service that provides maximum visibility to one’s website through promotion and getting instant links.  The pdf submission off-page SEO technique is useful for creating backlinks for content marketing and SEO.


Generate traffic from file-sharing websites.

Link diversity,

Instant search engine improved rankings,

Pdf files are easy to create.

Top PDF Submission sites:

12. Competitor research:

This is a simple but yet very powerful Off-page SEO technique to build backlinks. So in this technique, we need to find our competitor’s websites that rank organically, check out their backlinks through SEO tools like SEMrush, as these websites are ranking high on page one on google so this strategy works so well. While checking the backlinks following things should be considered: referring domain, domain authority, relevancy, organic visitors monthly.

13. Resource pages:

Resource pages are pages that link out to awesome content on a given topic. As these pages exist for the sole purpose of link out they make a perfect link-building target for us.

How to find resource pages?

·         Niche + inurl:links,

·         Niche + “helpful resources”,

·         Niche + “useful resources”,

·         Niche + “useful links”.

resource page example

14. Broken links:

This technique is similar to the resource pages technique, so you need to find out the relevant resource page as they have the most links on their page, so they may likely have more broken links. Find broken links from their website and reach out to the website’s owner and let them know about the broken link and ask them to link to your content instead. The content should be similar to that of the broken link but more in detail and high quality.

15. image search:

Your website’s unique images can be used by others easily without permission. You can use google reverse image search to find all the websites that are using your images and ask them to link back to your website as a source or credit. This is a good technique to get backlinks. Images should be unique and not from someone else’s website. 

You can simply search these images from google search camera, click on the image that appears on the search result page, and ask the website owner through email to give a credit line and link back to the source. And this way you can create multiple unclaimed backlinks in the safest and most convenient way.


These are off-page optimization techniques that help to build high-quality backlinks to rank higher on google, so by using these techniques you can help boost your website. As you focus on on-page as well on off-page is so important and should be done on regular basis. The benefits of using these off-page optimization techniques are creating brand awareness, increase traffic, builds trustworthiness, increases page rank, and more.


How important are Backlinks?

Google considers backlink as a vote of confidence from one site to another. It creates authorization, value, relevancy, power, trust in the website. And there are many factors that a high-quality backlink brings to our website. Backlinks can push a site higher up on google

What are the factors while checking backlinks?

Backlinks that have referring domain above 50, domain authority above 25, organic visitors monthly above 200, and keywords website appears for should be above 100. These factors should be considered while checking the backlinks.

What do we do in off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO is basically building high-quality backlinks for your website to get higher reach on the google search engines, so this is an important part of SEO.  

What are Off-page SEO techniques?

Off-page SEO techniques are forum posting, blog commenting, image- videos submission, reverse image, directories- article submission, guest posting, social bookmarking, social media, competitor research, pdf submission

What are the important factors to consider in off-page SEO?

Important factors in off-page SEO are domain authority, relevancy, site traffic, and link type.

What pages should you create backlinks to?

As a backlink can help improve the visibility of a webpage in google. So, backlinks should be created to the pages you would like more visibility for. Simply, put the backlinks to the pages you want to rank for. Just don’t build backlinks for one single page add to those who have value like blogs page and ones you want to rank for like product page.

How to find out what backlinks your website already has?

– It is good to note your website’s backlinks. Over time, your website may acquire backlinks naturally. You can check your backlinks through the SEO tool SEMrush.

What is the tool to check websites domain authority?

-MozBar (Chromes extension) is the best tool to check websites’ domain authority and page authority.

What are do follow and no follow links?

Do follow links are which we want google to crawl that particular site and index. Acquiring do-follow links will help improve domains authority or domain rating which in turn helps keyword ranking.
No, follow links are those that we don’t want Google to crawl and index. This means no-follow links do not pass the authority to the website it is linking to. These links are also part of when we post on social media sites or when the user is from coming from another platform on the respective website.

What is anchor text?

Anchor text is a clickable word used to link one web page to another. The color of the text is usually blue as it’s an actual hyperlink. SEO best practices dictate that anchor text should be relevant to the page you’re linking to rather than generic.

I hope this was helpful for you, thank you for reading.

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