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Local SEO Checklist: 4 Factors How to Gain More Traffic

Local SEO is important. 

Research proves that 86% of people search the location of a business on google map.

If your local business doesn’t have local SEO to promote your brand on the internet, you will miss the opportunity coming from the search engines.

Nowadays, people tend to search online, the queries, it can be a service, product, you are offering. And when you have local SEO for your business, there is 86% of people search on their smartphone at least per week, and 58% of them daily.

You see, there is much to learn with local SEO. 

What is Local Seo?

local seo

Local SEO is a way to improve the online presence of local businesses.

In the same way as organic SEO, local SEO adds with the geographic format.

Most marketers tend to use other factors more such as keywords, ranking, and testimonials.

Why local SEO is important in your business?

92% of all clicks came from SERPs page number 1.

So if your brand is on the top of SERPs, you will attract potential clients.

Serps has added more features such as images, lists, maps and people also ask, which improve more ranking factors and much more enough to make your website rank on SERPs.

To reach this stage, you need to start setting up everything from the beginning. 

Here’s a completely comprehensive guide for your local SEO business.

  1. Have a Niche and Get social
  2. Setting up google map my business
  1.  Website optimization for local SEO
  1. Perform your real-world services

With this complete checklist, You will learn everything you need to know about Local SEO.

Let’s get into it.

local SEO checklist

Have a Niche and Get social

local SEO checklist

Building a presence online with a specific niche is crucial.

Many Social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and Pinterest, are there to help your business forward and build an online audience with strong trust and authority.

Much of your competitors are using these platforms.

How can you stand against them?

By using other platforms like Yahoo! Local, thumbtack, Hubspot, the Better business bureau can make your business stand without having to work hard than your competitors.

Whoever you need content to explain more about your business, you need also a wide audience where your content can be shared and views by millions of people. 

You can use these platforms to build your audience. Here are 30 ultimate lists of local business directories

The social platform gives you the possibility to find and build trust with your local customers.

By engaging with your audience on social media, you speak directly.

Managing all social media can be scary but you can use tools like Social media posters to plan out your content, track, and post on social media.

Engaging with your readers, customers can build trust between you and your audience.

Asking questions, answering questions, and responding to complaints is the professional way to communicate with your large audience.

 Setting up google map my business

Google My Business - local SEO checklist

The first step to set up your local SEO business is by using GMB (google my business).

Having a successful profile on GMB can help you reach your target.

The search engine provides on SERPs many formats as results, and if you have a profile on GMB then likely your business will end up on SERPs.

Google my business shares that data with other platforms such as google maps, apple maps, local-3 packs, google posts, mobile SERPs carousel, and more. 

GMB is on the top-fourth ranking signal and so it’s important to use it in our local SEO checklist.

How can you create a successful profile and rank on SERPs? 

Here’s a list you can use to create a successful profile on GMB.

  1. Create GMB profile: Make sure the address you use matches the USPS.
  1. Allow Google to publish your business information: This gives the algorithm the possibility to index and pull your NAP data.
  1. Enter a geographical radius physically and electronically.
  1. Select your niche: what is your company categories, e.a. “SEO agency or marketing agency”
  1. Business description: describe your business under 600 characters.
  1. Add other formats as images to catch your potential client’s eyes. And make sure to add the geotags and keywords in the alt of the images.
  2. Confirm to google that you are the owner of this account via mail or phone number.
  1. Solicit customer testimonials which can add more signal to the algorithm proving that you have the authority.
  1. Share content under google photos with 1500 limited characters to explain to your audience if you add, improve or change service in your business.

By doing so, your business is featured on SERPs and can be seen on google maps which likely 70% of smartphone users check.

Website optimization for local SEO

Optimizing your website for local SEO includes everything inside your website.

All your web pages, starting from your home pages to contact pages, make sure to have everything on your website. This allows your local customer to contact you when they need help or to purchase.

To conduct a local SEO audit, using tools like SEmrush or screaming frog to Crawl your site and find out if in your domain there are duplicate data, broken links, indexability, and missing metadata.

After crawling your website, you can now optimize:

 6 most important factors you should consider in your websites.

1. Technical website criteria

local SEO checklist

When we talk about technical websites, it’s all about on-page SEO,

What you can control on the website.

This starts with your Home page.

Every page should be connected to your menu bar.

If you have 5 or fewer locations, they should be found on your website.

Plus, every location should have the numbers on the website, doing so can help a customer to contact you when he is ready to take some actions.

Make sure your website can be crawl and index by search engines. After crawling and indexing, the search engine can show your website on SERPs.

Analyze your website to see if there is any technical issue

Webmaster tool helps you to see which pages don’t perform well and if there are errors with your web pages.

Check out your site speed. This allows your visitors to enjoy your website without waiting for a long page load time. 

If your business can work internationally, make sure to add that or verify it with your webmaster tools. This allows you to set which country you want or don’t want your website to be seen.

Add analytics code to every page of your website. Using google analytic allows you to be aware of your website how you can improve it and what you need to do. 

2. Optimize your content

Content Optimization - local SEO checklist

Starting from your home page, you need to have content whether it’s text, or images, and more.

And adding keywords to your content improves your ranking factors.

Make sure that your home page has at least one paragraph. Based on Moz research your content must have at least 150 words. Having enough content gives the search engine an understanding of what your page is all about.

By optimizing your content keywords e.a “marketing agency for Delhi” instead of using “Marketing agency”

Target local customers can decrease your visitors but you gain more customers from your local geo-specific target.

Your landing page must target, head terms, mid-tail, and long-tail keywords.

If you want to convert your visitors, there should be content that easily educate and explain to your visitors about your services, or products. And the content should give them a reason why they need your product or services.

Content Formatting is important for your audience and search engine. When content is well-formatted: Heading, images, lists, text-broken, these facts give your visitors and search engine an easy way to digest your content. Does My content have these facts? Ask yourself these questions.

The headline is the first factor you should consider in your content. Your headline must be a catchy phrase to attract your readers to learn more or read more about your content, or your website.

3. Customer reviews and testimonials

local SEO checklist

Have you bought a product online without verifying what people are saying about the product?

I bet the answer is “no”.

This applies to your business as well. When visitors find that there are testimonials on your website, you tend to gain their trust.

And when google find out that there are reviews in your website, it helps and gains trust between you, google and customer.

People convert where there are reviews on the product.

Add local customer testimonials to your website.

Consider learning every possibility to earn reviews from your customer.

Don’t confuse reviews with testimonials.

Review is content on a third-party website and testimonial is content to publish on your own website.

You promote your business when you interact with your local online brand and this becomes a relevant ranking factor for your business.

According to customer businesses that respond to customer reviews are 1.7* more trustworthy than businesses that don’t.

Negative reviews help you ṭo learn more How and where your business needs to improveṁēṇṭ. 

Positively respond to your customer.

4. Backlinks

local SEO checklist

Backlinks are part of traditional SEO, which is the biggest ranking factor on SEO

Backlinks are the number 1 ranking factor for local SEO.

If your content has relevant keywords and you get high-authority local websites to link to your content you are likely 90% of chanceś to rank on SERPs.

Here’s an example:

You have a law firm website located in Florida.

When NY’s best attorneys are mentioning your law firm’s name in their reuniōṇś in a positive way.

They might mention that they are proud of your knowledge, services. 

When the time comes, where your local visitors need your services, won’t they contact you to join them?

That is where the importance of backlinks and referral traffic comes in.

When more local influencers mention your brand, it sends a strong signal to ṅoogle that, this brand is trustworthy and authoritative.

5. Mobile friendly

Most of your visitors came from smartphones.

When they get the best user experience, they will likely come back to learn more, or purchase. When it comes to SEO mobile-friendly is the top 10 ranking factor on SERPs.

40% of people purchased online with their smartphones.

Use google’s mobile-friendly tool to check if your website is mobile-friendly.

And you can see where you might want to make changes to your website.

Focus on your mobile responsiveness when following your local SEO tactics, it’s the main factor to increase your traffic from SERPs.

6. Use map

local SEO checklist

How do you expecting bringing traffic to your business if you don’t give tell them where to find you?

86% of people search location on google.

The best way to show your visitors where to find you, it’s by adding a site map to your website, GMB, and make sure that search engines can find it and show it to everyone who is looking for your product or your brand

Perform your real-world services

Performing well on the internet is great but what about your product, services?

Are they performing well for your clients?

Having time to consider your reviews and find out where to improve is the best strategy to improve your business.

If your business doesn’t provide value to your customer, your marketing can’t save you.

Giving a well-training to your employees to learn how your product and marketing works can save your business. 

Consider training your employees or team before they represent your business.

Being aware of your customer complaint adds a plus to your product improvement.

Make sure to be in place, visit and conduct your team to identify and educate them on how to run the product.

Teaching your team or employee how to keep calm before a crazy customer is the best strategy to save you and the business without being a bad owner.

Keep in mind that everything you do to your neighbor’s eyes makes your brand’s name trustworthy, and can count on your product or services whenever he is in need.

It’s not just about your online community but make sure to assist your local, neighborhood community by joining their meeting, campaign, and contribute to their project will build trust in your brand.


The most important is consistency.

You need to keep tracking your business campaign.

And make sure everything you are doing is perfect.

You can use tools like Semrush to track your campaign and verify where you need to improve and how to bring more visitors to your website.

You don’t have to compete with the whole world to gain customers, you have many customers out there waiting for you to show up and prove to them that your product is trustworthy.

Be in the right place can boost consistently and bring more potential visitors and convert them into customers.

You can do that by following this local SEO checklist guide and gain more clients.

The more your GMB and your website is set up, the more you earn your visitors’ trust and help them to convert.  


What Is Local Seo?

Local SEO is a way to bring more traffic to your business by an online presence.
And we do so, by creating a GMB account and having a website on google.

Why Is Local SEO Important In Your Business?

You need local SEO because it brings your business close to your local potential client and builds trust with your local customs.

Why Is It Important To Have A Niche And Social?

Having a niche helps your business to target a specific audience. You don’t want to target everyone, but only a specific industry. 

When you get a niche, you get ideas about where to find them. Finding platforms where your audience hangs out, saves your time and energy.

Also, through those platforms, your products or services become trustworthy when you help and save their problem before you promote your product.

Do You Need To Set Up Your Google My Business?

Unfortunately, yes.
When you want to target a specific audience, you don’t only want you to find them, you want them to find you too. 
When you set up a successful profile on GMB, it sends a strong signal to search engines that your business can be helpful to user’s intent. 

What On-Page SEO Factors Can You Consider To Add To Your Website?

Make sure your website is easy to digest for search engines and users by verifying these steps:
Your technical website structure is well organized.
Your content is well-optimized with text, images, videos.
You have reviews and testimonials on your website.
Your backlinks are from an authoritative website.
Your website is mobile-friendly.
You tell your audience where to find you.

How To Bring Traffic From Offline?

Give your neighbors a reason to trust your products when they might need them.
Participating in local meetings and supporting others businesses give your business authority.
Use negative reviews from your potential customer to perform your products or services.
Keep in mind that, if your product is bad, your marketing won’t save you.

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