Hello, I’m GAUTAM

A freelancing coach

Do you want my 3-Step Client Aquization Formula?

Having trouble Finding New Customers for your Freelancing Business? Do you want to Close High-Ticket Clients?

Not by running Ads, Neither with any expensive tools 

I’m talking about the 100% Organic Marketing Strategy for freelancers to Close High-Ticket Clients.

Who Is this For?


Content Writers/ Copywriters

 Helping Writer find clients that pay up to 1 Rs. per Word.

SEO Strategist

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Facebook/Google Ads Strategist

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Social Media Marketers

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Online Coaches & Course Creators

Attract High-Quality Inbound Leads with Atteraction Marketing.

Affiliate Marketers

Closing high-ticket affiliate deals with 100% Organic strategy.


Active Students

Written Articles

Cups of Coffee

EVERYone wants HIGH-PAying clients,

but not everyone is willing to do what it takes.


Personal Branding

Freelancing is very crowded, but how do you stand out from the competition?

The answer is by creating a personal brand.

People don’t buy from Huge Agencies, they buy from people they TRUST.

And that’s why your personal brand will help you STAND OUT OF COMPETITION.

Attraction Marketing & Lead Generation

Every Freelancer creates content on social media,

But less than 5% are able to actually generate High-Quality leads from that,

 Generating High-Quality leads is not about a high-engagement rate or more number of followers.


Closing the Clients

Most freelancers who spend a ton of money on paid ads are not able to close those leads.

Closing is not just about selling your services to your clients.

Closing a Client is more about finding your client’s Problem and presenting your Services as solutions with an Irresistible Offer.

Testimonials From clients

Gautam is a great mentor and a wonderful consultant. In just 30 minutes, he taught me many important points for freelancing, and I really liked his way of teaching.

Antara Shivhare, Freelance Copywriter

40-Mins Consultation section with Gautam gave me a lot of clarity on how I should actually generate High-Quality Leads for my freelancing Business. He made the whole process simplified and created a roadmap to attract new clients.

Ruchi Metha , Freelance Writer

The 3-Step formula actually helped me land my first client in less than a month. Gautam helped me simplified the Lead generation and master the sales Call. I would recommend every freelancer to try out the 3-Step formula.

Sameer Sing, Social Media Manager
Close High-Ticket Clients, With 3-Step Client Acquisition Formula.

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