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How to Hire an amazing freelance writer

Hiring a freelance writer has never been easy. And in the presence of a wide variety of platforms to choose from, it’s very hard to find one that suits your needs. 

You can hire a copywriter when you are a small business because you have small budgets and you can’t hire an in-house writer and also when you are a big company because you want to write an article in a different niche than what you are used to.

There’s a thing to keep in mind before hiring any experience-level writer. The point is that how much are YOU willing to pay them? Are you fixed on budgets or are you independent as to how much money you can spend?

Either way, when you are hiring your first-ever writer, it can get overwhelming how many people are there, and that’s why you need a simple guide on how to hire a writer.

Step By Step Guide to Hire Freelance Writers

1. Always Start with a plan for your hiring process

The best thing to do at the start is to have a plan in which you write everything you wish to establish by hiring a freelance writer.

Always start with thinking about which form of content you want the candidate to write for you? Do you want them to write social media posts, ad copy, email copy, articles, e-book, or any other content? Or a mix of everything?

looking at this graph from Marketing Profs, it clearly says that along with social media content, Blogs are the next big thing for B2C marketers.

Freelance writer
source: Marketing Profs

Then determine the niche in which you want your content to be written. Is it SEO, Pet foods, Organic farming, or a whole other subject? 

Knowing what your niche is can help you find the best candidate because if you don’t know what your niche is, you can struggle to find the best tone for your content.

Speaking of tone, determine what the tone of your content should be. Do you want it to be educational, humorous, authoritative, or any other tone. 

Then you should find their skillset and determine if a newbie can help you out or do you want a professional because your brand is huge and you can’t take any chances with your content. 

You must keep in mind that hiring cheap freelancers can get you in trouble because they don’t provide up-to-the-mark service. Also, keep in mind that it doesn’t mean that hiring expensive writers will get you extraordinary results. It’s just you have to make a balance between the two.

One more thing to include in your plan is that how often do you want your content? Everyday? 2-3 times a week? 2-3 times a month? And don’t forget to include this in the job description.

It’s a small thing but keep that in mind that whatever candidate you wish to hire, chances are that they don’t live in the same time zone as you. So if you are planning on working with a person outside of your time zone then be ready to handle the awkwardness because of this. 

These are some very basic practices to set a plan because when you get your goal right then it will save you a huge amount of time and money.

2. How to communicate your wants to the desired candidate?

You get your basics right, you have a clear plan for what you wish to find in your desired candidate. Now how would you tell them that these are your wants?

You will write a Job description that is straight to the point. 

Start by writing everything you learned in the first section, like what is your niche, your company’s writing style, what level of skillset you want them to have, which type of content you want them to write for you. (social media posts, articles, etc)

You should also try to write your company’s core values and what your company stands for in the job description. That way the candidate feels attached to your company and will understand what type of content are you going for.

If you can, consider creating instructions like asking them to add a cover letter in which they state why you should hire them, and give them instructions like writing a specific sentence in the subject line in their email. That way you can filter the candidates later using this technique. 

You should ask them for attaching their work samples or past work so that you can check their writing tone, how they form sentences, and their overall work ethic.

3. Start the Search for desired candidate

Finding freelance writers is not that hard, you can get them through many websites and portals. 

The thing is that finding the “right one” is very hard. Because we all can agree that most of them are scammers. They promise to deliver “original content” but instead they just copy-paste the article and they do it with very cleverness that every plagiarism checker approves it. 

That’s why it is advisable that you keep utmost care in finding the right candidate for your content writing.

We suggest that you should first ask your friends and members for recommendations on getting the perfect freelance writer and then you can move to different websites.

Medium is a great place to find writers related to different niches and the best part is that you can contact them directly.

You can search copywriters on Facebook where different groups have well-skilled copywriters looking for clients like you.

If you fancy you can reach out to agencies that provide copywriters and different services like SEO and others.

Linkedin is a perfect place for finding people like copywriters, and the benefit here is that you can also check their profile to verify if they are legit or not and contact them directly.

Instagram can help too in finding the perfect candidate. You don’t know how much talent you can find there. Hashtags can help you find different copywriters in your niche.

If you can’t seem to find the right candidate with these ideas then you can try websites like Fiverr and Upwork where you can find candidates in almost every field. 

Make sure to remember the guidelines that you have created because that will help you find the right candidate.

After you have managed to find the right website then write the job description nicely and ask them to follow the instructions you have set before. You can ask them to email you, that way all your candidates will be in one place. 

By this time you should have many applications in your inbox and now it’s the main work.

4. Start filtering the candidate’s list

Freelance writer

You now have hundreds of applications in your inbox (that depends on how big or small your brand is), now is high time you should start filtering them to find the one you want.

First thing first, keep your guidelines handy because now is the time to use them. First, check if they have formatted the subject line of the email as you said. If they didn’t follow that, remove them. That way you have half of the applicants gone. 

Those who do it right, move to the next step. See the cover letter of the remaining candidates to see if their cover letter stands out or not.

Now you must have 10 or more people who are doing great then rest. It’s time to interview them. 

You can interview them via Skype, Zoom, google meet, or any other platform. 

Be sure to check that they are friendly enough with your company’s ethics and understand your guidelines well. Do not make a decision by emotions. Make the decision by having your guidelines with you and with the presence of mind.

5. Test them all to find the one you want

You should reduce your list to 4-5 candidates now. It’s time to test them. Of course, it can get on a little pricier side testing them all, but it’s better to spend money right now than after they write a trash article. 

So give all of the 5 people the same task and the same deadline and then test which of the candidate performs better. Check for grammar, spelling, sentence formation to see how good they are in writing.

Don’t forget to judge the CONTENT itself. Check to see if they have researched properly or not, see if the content is plagiarized or not. And if they follow your writing style guidelines or not. 

You should always look for how creative they are and how much research they put into creating that content.

Hooks are the hardest part to write and master. So look for applicants who got the hook right.

Now you should have 1-2 people who are doing excellent. If you want to have 2 people on board, you can have them. But if you are looking for just one, then make your final decision.  

6. Hire the one and start working with them

Now that you have found “the one” you should start working with them to create the content you like. 

Now you may be thinking: should I pay them hourly, monthly, or per project, so our answer would be you should try to pay them according to different projects. That way the writer’s art will get paid and you get your original content.

One thing to remember after you have hired the desired copywriter is that you need to have excellent communication with them. Because when you connect well with your teammates, the content turns out to be great and there will be no mistakes.

We recommend using tools like slack where you can communicate easily with your teammates. And Trello is a tool that helps you organize your work.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should always work with them to create flawless content. Always provide them feedback and appreciate when they do great work. 

Now that you have proper guidance on how to hire a freelance writer, we wish you all the best for hiring great candidates.


We understand that hiring a freelance writer sounds very hard but you have to trust us when we say it just needs setting a clear goal and sticking to it. That way you can land with an amazing writer for your team. And don’t forget to create those guidelines and work with them to yield extraordinary results. 

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  1. Where can I hire freelance writers?

You can find your ideal writer on websites like LinkedIn pro and sites like UpWork, Fiverr, Indeed, Freelancer, Craiglist, and more.

  1. How to hire a freelance writer?

Here are some tips on finding the best candidate

  1. Make a plan stating what are your wants
  2. Write a job description that clearly states your needs
  3. Start your search for writers on different websites
  4. Start filtering candidates and find the best one
  5. Get them to work to test them
  6. Hire the one you found last
  1. How much should I pay a freelance writer?

Writing rates for freelance writers in India can start as low as 0.5 INR and go as high as 5 INR per word.

  1. How many freelance writers are there?      

Thinking about the number of freelance writers, the number is as high as 57 million and counting. And these are the numbers only in the U.S. 

  1. Why you should hire a freelance writer?

Directly connecting to a freelancer eliminates the extra charges you may need to give and it also gives a way to clearly communicate your ideas, suggestions, or feedback to the writer. 

Hiring a writer in your field gives you the chance to widen your perspective as they bring in a second set of eyes for the same content.

  1. How much does it cost to hire a writer?

Although it depends on different websites and portals as they have their own rates but usually it falls between the $20-$80 range.

  1. How much do freelance content writers charge in India?

The writers that are particularly new to the field charges 0.5-0.75 paisa per word. Some medium-level experienced writers may charge 1.5-3.5 Rupees for one word. For experts, the rates are as high as 4 to 7 rupees onwards. 

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