engaging content

9 tips to Create Unique & Engaging Content for your blog

Engaging Content

Are you struggling with low engagement and less traffic on your blogs?

Do you want to write appealing and user-friendly content? 

Creating engaging content for your blog is the forever solution to get good engagement. But, just writing general content is not enough. In

In this blog, you will find some important tips to create engaging content for your blog.

But before that, you should know why your content is not getting expected engagement and traffic. From the beginning, the content should give your reader a reason to read further. Every paragraph should provide some relevant and interesting information about the topic. 

For example

If you are writing on the topic- how to optimize your content according to SEO then your whole content should revolve around this topic only, giving ways, tips, techniques, etc to do that. The addition of some infographics mixed with text enhances the visibility of the blog and the interest of the reader.

9 Super-Easy Tips to create engaging content for your blog

1. Give Catchy Headlines

Headlines are the first thing that grabs a reader’s attention while reading your blog. It defines whether the content ahead is useful for your target audience or not.  If the headlines are attractive and relevant then a reader surely checks the paragraph under it. 

Moreover, out of 100%, only 20% of people read the whole content, the rest 80% rely only on the headlines. Therefore it should be such that a user connects with it and it serves the purpose of your target audience. Impactful headlines increase the chances of the target audience to read your content thus increasing engagement.

For example- two headlines are given below

Some tips to get good results.

Try these tricks and get excellent results.

The second one looks more captivating than the first one and has a high chance of getting the reader’s engagement.

In the same way, your headlines should include a surprising or a positive factor that motivates a reader to go through it. Adding power words like secret, tips, free in your headline increases the chances of getting noticed more and your traffic can convert to your potential readers. These types of words play with the user’s mind and encourage him to know more.

2. Write on Trending Topics

No one wants to read outdated topics that everyone else is writing about. Today, people love to read about trending topics that are interesting and attractive and can give them some value and the latest information.

Quality content has more chances of getting higher engagement than quantity content. Trending topics get higher searches than general topics, therefore bringing more traffic to your blog.

You should write what the reader wants to read, not what you love to write. For this purpose researching the interest and taste of your target audience is necessary.  Trending topics have more chances of getting likes, comments, and shares as more and more people want to know about them.

For example- if you have a website informing people about how to become financially independent or how to earn money, then your blog topics can be like- Best ways to solve financial problems during the covid time or how to earn passive income during covid times. At present, these topics are searched thousands of times every day and have more chances of bringing high traffic as people want to know more and more about them.

3. Use high-quality visuals

An old proverb says” a picture speaks more than words” so adding creative and attractive images, infographics, graphs, etc is beneficial. Images not only enhance the blog’s visibility but also give visual information to the user, which is much easier to retain. 

As per reports retention power of readers for images is 60% more than text. Moreover, adding screenshots is a new way to prove your points right.

Images break the long text series and give something interesting to the reader to look at. A graphic should be present after every 300-400 words to keep the interest of a reader alive. Visuals help a reader connect with the content easily, thus inspiring him to do activities such as like or comment.

But remember the image should be relevant, compelling, and of high quality which matches the content of your blog. A negative image or image that does not relate to your content results in a high bounce rate as people doubt the authenticity and relevancy of your content too. 

For example, if you are writing about the best social media platforms to do off-page SEO then images like a graph of the number of users on each platform, or an infographic that compares which platform provides the highest engagement, some screenshots showing high engaging posts can be relevant.

Have a look at a low-resolution and high-resolution image and decide which one is more appealing…

Engaging Content.

4. Write Relevant Content

Write for what reader is coming to your blog. Content relevancy is the key factor in determining your brand reputation and gaining the reader’s trust. 

Make sure your content provides an answer to the topic of your blog. 

Imagine a reader searches-  SEO optimization techniques and your blog is on the same topic but your content is different. Rather than writing techniques to optimize SEO, your content is about why SEO optimization is important. 

Will a reader stay on the page and read till the end?

The answer will be ‘NO’

The reader will not read anything further and just leaves and never come back. This can be called a negative impact as the user doubts its accuracy and authenticity every time. 

To avoid such a situation, make sure to stick to the main topic rather than adding various topics in the same blog. 

5. Tell a Story

Adding a story in your content works like magic as people connect to real-life situations easier than facts. Telling a story enhances brand reputation and trustworthiness as people believe in that more. 

But make sure to be real and accurate, never exaggerate the things just to grab attention as readers are intelligent enough to understand.

Writing your brand’s personal story can be classified as interactive and engaging content. 

You can do storytelling in the form of real situations or fictional situations where you can ask readers to imagine some situations and you are giving solutions to them. 

Adding Journey stories of yourself inspires readers to believe in you and what you are writing. They believe in your experience and trust your credibility. According to a reader, an experienced person is more trustworthy.

Try to add emotions like success, failure, happiness, achievement, hard work, etc in your stories to connect with readers emotionally also. These elements add sentiments to your story that can impact the reader’s mind.

For example- You are a yoga instructor, having a blog on yoga and fitness. Try to share your own or your client’s life experiences as much as you can. This can act as a catalyst between you and your target audience. 

If you are writing a blog on how yoga helps to lead a peaceful life. Add your own experience of how you changed from a stressful to a peaceful person practicing yoga. Add your own journey, the problems you faced, and how you overcame them with yoga. The story can emotionally and mentally motivate your readers to believe you. 

6.Create SEO optimized content

Mere writing content is not enough, it should be properly SEO optimized. SEO-optimized content has higher chances of having top positions on SERP results.

The higher the SERP position the higher the traffic. A high engaging content demands proper SEO optimization so below are some basic rules for SEO.

  • Try to add keywords in the first 100 words of your content.
  • Add main keywords at least 6-8 times along with long-tail keywords.
  • Use bold for highlighting, italics for facts, figures, or proverbs, double quotes for someone’s sayings, lists, and bullets for specific points.
  • Use alt attributes for images to make search engine crawling easier.
  • Adding high-quality images to retain the reader’s interest.
  • Use relevant backlinks wherever necessary so that a user can surf on other pages of your website also. Example- In a blog on how to create graphics for social media- you write a line-” Adding relevant and creative taglines for social media captions works as a post booster.” You already wrote a blog on How to write captions or taglines for social media posts. You can simply link that page to the anchor text” creative taglines for social media caption”. This way a user travels from one page of your website to another, giving traffic to other pages also.
  • Make sure to add keywords in meta title, meta description, blog title, headings, and URL of the page.

These are basic SEO content optimization techniques. Using these techniques helps you to make your content SEO and user friendly and enhance user experience.

Engaging Content

Above is an image of Mozlow’s Hierarchy of SEO needs which is used by most of the content writers while doing seo optimization

7. Add Questions and Quizzes

To get maximum engagement try to add questions, polls, quizzes, surveys, suggestions, etc. Add unique and reasonable quizzes and questions to get answers in comment sections.

Your comment sections will be filled with expected answers of the readers and they keep coming back to check other’s thoughts also. It also encourages debate and conversations in the comment section.

When you add some activity in your content a reader feels the need to read the whole content to give an answer and participate in that. 

You can also ask for suggestions from your readers about the topic of your next blog. For ex- if you write about the best tourist places of different locations then you can add a poll like –

 What do you want as the next topic??

Top 10 tourist places in

Delhi or Mumbai.

If you are writing on off-page seo, you can ask for suggestions like which platform brings maximum traffic to your blog. This interactive content ensures readers connect with your website frequently.

Below is an example of a poll of Hotjar.

Engaging Content

8. Be precise and clear

Content of 4000-5000 words is excellent to rank higher on google results but will a reader read the whole of your content?

The answer will be NO. The fact is that no one is going to read a whole blog of 3000-4000 words. This is just for SEO as more content gets high rankings and shares. The content should be precise and to the point.  You can add new topics to increase length but can’t exaggerate one single topic. 

Exaggerating the topics just to increase length won’t work here as readers have the least time and they want exact information.

Adding power words and synonyms enhances the readability of your content. This makes content more appealing and creative.

Content should be according to the topic of your blog. Below are two examples of two different topics. Analyze the difference in writing content for both.

  • If a reader comes to your blog to know about the treatment of headaches at home, then adding symptoms, causes, etc will definitely increase the length but does not satisfy a person who wants to know the treatment. This will frustrate such readers who want urgent solutions and make them bounce back. Instead of that, you can increase the number of solutions to the query. This will give more choice to a reader and he may read the whole content to get the best solution.
  • Whereas in informative topics you can add other things also along with the main topic. If you are writing on how to learn guitar at home. You can add topics like how to hold a guitar? What are chords and strings? Then come to the main topic. After that, you can also give some information about sources of learning. A person who is searching this must be a beginner. He wants to know as much as he can.  Therefore giving additional information world positively here.

Jumbling the words just to make a longer sentence is useless, short and to the point, sentences are far better and easily understandable.

9. Add call to action

If you want activity on your page then adding a call to action is important. This ensures a good response from your readers.

Call to action includes

  • Filling up a form, 
  • download an ebook, 
  • subscribe to the channel,
  • downloading valuable pdfs,
  • comment on your blog, 
  • Sign up for the newsletter,
  • connect with your social media posts, etc.

These CTAs are necessary to track whether a reader likes your content or not. There is no use in writing if your content does not connect with your target audience. Try to get feedback and implement that in your content. 

You can even retarget people if you add CTAs as you get their data. Retargeting people increase the chances of purchasing and conversion as they get to see the same things again and again. This boosts up user decisions.

Below is an example of a call to action where a pop-up asks for a sign-up.

Engaging Content


Creating engaging content is definitely not easy but some extra effort mixed up with useful research is important. 

Writing content that is unique and understandable is the most commonly used strategy. Adding visuals, CTAs, interactive content along good headlines are the best combination of engaging content

To keep up user’s interest add stories in your content and make them aware of real-life situations. This motivates readers to read more and perform an action. Clear and precise information is highly recommendable.

Lastly, make sure your readers connect with your content emotionally also. Everyone is applying the same digital marketing strategies, but the content is the thing that makes or breaks your audience. Content makes you different from others. So always think outside the box and write highly engaging content.


Can anyone do content writing?

Yes, but it requires a lot of research and effort. Reading a number of blogs then imagining and thinking about your own content and making it unique are the key factors to become a content writer.

Is content writing and copywriting the same?

These words are often used as synonyms but these are not the same. Content writing includes free blogs and learning material whereas copywriting involves writing ad copy, sales pages, etc.

How to learn content writing?

There are a number of ways to learn content writing-

You can go through different blogs on content writing 
Go for a content writing course
Learn from youtube videos
Make sure to practice writing on various topics and try to modify it with power words, proverbs, data, and facts.

How content writing helps businesses?

Writing informative and knowledgeable information allows your brand to connect with the target audience. When they get relevant information about their queries they become your potential customers. 

How to write effective content?

The basic way to write effective content is to understand the topic, do vigorous research by reading blogs and watching videos, write a rough copy and then modify it with SEO techniques.

What is seo in content writing?

It emphasizes updating your content according to search engine rules and algorithms like keyword placements, heading tags, title optimization, etc. It is done to get higher rankings in SERP results by making content SEO-friendly.

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