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4 Step Proven Formula to Email Copywriting [15 free Cold Email Templets]

For every online marketer, it is really necessary to build his email list to keep connected to his customers.

An E-mail list not only connects you with your customers but also helps increase your revenue, as you can inform people about your new products launched, discounts, coupons such as a black Friday sale.

But most Online Marketers do not understand that you should not write a direct sales copy in your email and send it to your list.

And that’s where you need a copywriter to write you a perfect email sequence, so your email should be able to sell. 

What is Email Copywriting?

Email copywriting is the art of crafting and writing a perfect email sequence that pursues the reader to make a purchase. It’s how you express an idea to prospective customers and make them feel that the product can solve their problem.

Email copywriting is the same as another type of copywriting. It has a couple of exceptional characteristics that merit genuine thought:-

  • Quickness
  • A significant level of persuasion
  • A clear Call-To-Action
  • No puff, filler, or digressions

The best email copywriting convinces the reader to not only consume the entire email but to engage with it. In most cases, that means clicking a link in the email — your CTA — and arriving at your desired page to convert on an offer.

It is also important in creating a connection between you and you’re ideal customer. Now the question is “How do you write an email copywriting?” 

 Step by step instructions to Email Copywriting

Email Copywriting

1. Write a Killer Headline

The first thing which gets notices in your email in the subject line of the mail.

Your Headline has to be interesting as well as relevant to your subject, your headline is the only thing which would be read in the first place and will decide that if the person is going to read your mail or not.

Most importantly don’t forget to use action words in your subject line.

2. Be Short and Simple

Always make sure while writing the main content of your mail don’t give too much information, try to keep it short, no one like’s to read long texts and paragraphs.

The next thing to keep in mind is you have to write as simple as you can, don’t assume that if you are writing in short, you can use technical jargon. No technical words, not even short forms, as the upcoming generation is well used to WhatsApp language. Short forms such as ASAP, SS, etc will not work as you might be familiar with such terms but believe me, this confuses most people.

Write like you are talking to the person, this not only makes a personal connection but also makes it a lot easier to understand.

3. Use Personalisation

Writing a personalized E-mail has always shown better results than a bulk message. Though you are sending it to more than 1000 people, it should feel like the message has been particularly written for an individual. 

Just think of your reader as your friend and sitting in front of you now keeping this fact in your mind compose your mail. This will make your audience connect with you and will build your relation strong.

4. Clear Call-to-Action

Most marketers think that adding multiple Action buttons in one email, thinking that reader will click at least one of them, but instead it confuses the reader, either he close the email or click wrong links.

Adding multiple call-to-actions does not increase the rate of conversion, instead, it always creates confusion in the reader’s mind.

Always make sure that there is only one clear call-to-action. Your message should be powerful enough to make your reader click the link at one go.

Expert Tip: After you compose an email for your endorsers, let it sit for 24 hours. At that point return and read it. You’ll go to the email with open-minded perspectives, which will permit you to be more disparaging of your work.

Email copywriting, whenever done right, can turn into the backbone of your business

Email Copywriting Examples

Throwing Facts and Figures does not makes a great rememberable copy, but a story does.

It is always advised as a copywriter to create a story, on any topic whether you want to make a sale, get people to check out some link, or make your readers do some action. 

Write a short, simple, and easy to understandable story which 10 years old can also understand.

There are 2 types of E-mail – 

  • B2B E-mail – Business2Business mail is mostly sent in form of cold E-mails to get some business from different organizations. These cold emails are usually sent by freelancers to various potential businesses.
  • B2C E-Mail – Business2Customer mail is sent by organizations who are selling their products online such as amazon. These emails are sent in huge numbers to a large number of consumers who are interested in their products.
Email Copywriting

B2B Email Copywriting Example

Subject – Hi ABC, Quick Question about (Company Name)

Body – 

Hi, ABC,

I’m Gautam, from XYZ and we help online businesses like you to create a trusted and powerful brand to increase your sales.

I visited your social media handles and website, you have different types of online coaching programs and courses. (Add some observation about their business/ their uniqueness)

But you are missing a lot of money on the table, as you are not using a proper marketing funnel. I have some ideas and strategies which will help you to develop customized inbound and outbound marketing strategies to increase your sales and get more students.

We are interested in sharing some ideas. Are you available over the next few days for a 15 minutes short call? Reply with ‘Yes’ if you want to learn more.

We are very respectful about both of our times. 

So if you want us to stop emailing you, just reply with ‘No’ to this email. Waiting for your response! 

Thanks, and have an awesome day!


(Your Name)

The above E-mail is a perfect example of B2B mail.

Step 1 – Headline

The headline directly asking a question to the owner about his company, there is no good reason for the owner to ignore it.

Step 2 – Shroud, Simple and Strait-Forward 

I introduced myself to the reader, I didn’t use any technical jargon, I talked like he was sitting in front of me. As said in the Subject line I ask him whether he is interested in a 15 min call or not.

Step 3 – Personalization

This part changes from person to person or business to business. Through this line, you show how well you have researched for their business.

Step 4 – Clear Call-to-Action

In the end, I ask him for a ‘yes or no as an answer to my question.

Not every time you will receive a response to your mails, as you are mailing a CEO, Director, or marketing heads they receive 100’s of these type of mails. But only 10 of these 100 follow up with them and then also only 1 gets a reply who is different from others. So, always remember to think out of the box and think of something new.

One of E-mail copywriting example sent by my team –

email copywriting

Follow up mail

Hey ABC,

Yesterday I reached out to you regarding, How you can increase the revenue of True Better You using digital marketing. 

This is a follow-up email just making sure you read my previous email.

Please let me know your response?


(Your Name)

Important: The follow-up mail should not be sent separately. Send this as a reply to your first mail, no CEO will bother to find your first mail if you send it separately.

Another Follow-Up E-mail copywriting example sent by my team –

email copywriting

B2C Email Copywriting Example

B2C emails can be sent for a lot of purposes such as- 

  • Welcome mail
  • Reminder mail
  • Survey and Feedback mail
  • Product Launch
  • Newsletters
  • Review and testimonial mail

Email Copywriting Templet

Here are Free Cold Email Templets for Product Promotion made by our experts using the 4 step Email copywriting above.

Templet – 1 [Product Promotion]

Subject : 5 Solution to ________ (problem), No. 4 will shock you


Just like you, I used to suffer from ________.

The constantly ________ and the ________ were miserable.


It was disgusting

And I really feel for anyone else putting up with ________.

But you know what?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You see, one day while I was ________ I had a kind of weird idea about how to solve my ________ problem. I decided to ________!

NOTE: Try to think of the most counterintuitive and unusual aspect of your product that most people would be shocked to hear and that can actually work/help with the problem.

So I tried it to see what would happen.

And much to my surprise … it worked!

In fact, it worked so quickly I almost thought it was a fluke.

But it wasn’t a fluke.

It DOES work.

And I believe it can eliminate your ________ problem, too.

I show you exactly what I did and how you can do the same thing in my ________ product over at:

But hurry.

Right now it’s priced low.

That won’t be the case forever.

Grab it today and watch your ________ problem vanish by tomorrow.

Your name.

P.S. If you buy ________ today, I’ll also give you ________.

Go here for the details:

Link to your website here.

Cold Email Templates

cold email templet

Link Building Cold Email Templets

Here are 3 Free Cold Email Templets for Link Building made by our experts using the 4 step Email copywriting above.

  1. EMAIL SUBJECT – Fascinating data & charts for {{company}}


Hi {{first_name}},

My name is [[your name]] and I run a site called [[your site]]. We’re all about sharing research and advice for expecting and new parents – much of which is based on my family’s experience.

The reason I’m reaching out is that I came across an article of yours on [[topic]] on [[source]]. In your post, I noticed you referenced an article from [[competitor website]] which leveraged outdated stats and data from 2013.

Recently, we spent significant time researching and putting together a detailed report on various related statistics. This included using more recent information and an additional 20+ years of data beyond what [[competitor website]] used. We also cover 14 extra data points with interactive graphs on similar topics.

Thought I’d share since you seem to be interested in unique and meaningful data to help tell your story.

[[Your URL]]

What did you think?


[[your name]]

2. EMAIL SUBJECT – Highest converting content upgrades


Hey {{first_name}},

I know we haven’t met (yet), but saw that you shared a post on content upgrades (from Sumome).

Thought I’d drop you a quick note about a post I’m creating on why some content upgrades convert at exponential rates and others completely flop.

The guide that I am sending next week is very comprehensive with actionable tips and tons of case study examples.

Want a heads up when it goes live?


[Your Name]

P.S. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for you

3. EMAIL SUBJECT – Content for your blog post


Hey {{first_name}},

I noticed that in one of your blog posts [[URL]] you’ve included infographic on [[topic]].

We’ve recently conducted research on a similar topic [[more data about the research]].

I just wanted to ask you if you’d be interested to include our infographics in your blog post?

Just hit “reply” and I’ll send them to you.


[Your Name]

Guest Post Cold Email Templet

Here are Free Cold Email Templets for Guest Posting made by our experts using the 4 step Email copywriting above.

  1. EMAIL SUBJECT – Guest posting opportunity


Hey {{first_name}}

I’m a huge fan of {{company}} and love the content you put out, [[insert specific compliment]].

My name is [[insert name]] and I’m a [[position]] at [[company name]].

I wanted to reach out and inquire about a guest posting opportunity on your blog. I’m well versed on topics such as, [[list of expertise]] and I think I could provide a lot of helpful tips for your audience.

Here are some writing samples for your review:

[[List of 3-5 writing sample links]]

I look forward to your response and hope to work with you soon.

Thank you for your time!



2. EMAIL SUBJECT – Contribution to your blog


Hi {{first_name}},

[[personalized comment]]

I’m writing to you because I’m interested in contributing a guest post on your site.

Based on what has worked for [[Site name]] in the past, I feel that your readers would love these ideas:

[[Idea Title & Brief Description]]

To give you an idea of my writing style and quality, here’s a guest post I recently wrote for [[guest post link]]

Do you think these ideas would be a good fit for your [[site, publication, newsletter]]?


[[your name and title]]

Book meeting Cold Email Templet

Cold Email Templets for freelancers to Book meeting with potential clients made by our experts using the 4 step Email copywriting above.

  1. EMAIL SUBJECT – What is the [[current process]] at {{company}}?


Hi {{first_name}},

I am reaching out to you because I found that you are solely responsible for {{position}} at {{company}}, I was certain you would know more about the current process in place at your company for [[department name]].

As we’ve helped [[name of the existing customer]], I felt you might be interested in improving [[pain point]].

I did good research on your company and I’m sharing a few of my thoughts here which could help you [[solution of the pain point]].

I’d prefer to share a few more ideas with you and spend more time in understanding your current process.

{{first_name}}, could we spend 15 mins on [[date]] at [[time]] to chat about this?

I look forward to hearing from you.


[[your name]]

2. EMAIL SUBJECT – What’s your strategy for this quarter?


Hi {{first_name}},

Does {{company}} have an effective [product domain] strategy for this quarter?

I work with [[the recipient’s company vertical]] across [[recipient’s region]] to implement [[product domain]] strategies across the organization to utilize a more automated, efficient and user-friendly [[department which uses your product]].

[[A line about your company]]

We’ve helped organizations like the [[customer 1]], [[customer 2]], [[customer 3]], and [[customer 4]] consolidate tools [[the features you have to offer]] to improve [[the benefit of your product for the organization]].

Do you have 5-10 minutes this week for a brief call to determine if it makes sense to talk further?

3. EMAIL SUBJECT – Traffic issue


Hi {{first_name}},

I’ve heard from many other companies that they struggle to determine if they’re getting the most out of the traffic they drive to their website.

Is this an issue at {{company}}?

Recently, {{company}} used our own set of tools to [[positive outcome brought about]]. It resulted in [[specific result]].

I have a few similar ideas on how you can use our software on your own website to achieve [[positive outcome]].

Do you have time this week for a quick call so I can share them with you?



4. EMAIL SUBJECT – {{company} + [[your company]]


Hi {{first_name}},

My name is [[name]] with [[your company]].

We help [[specific company type]] with [[one liner]].

I wanted to learn how you handle [[thing your company handles]] at {{company}} and show you what we’re working on.

Are you available for a brief call at [[time options]]?

5. EMAIL SUBJECT – A few insights about [[competitor’s]] environment


Hi {{first_name}},

Firstly, let me state that as the {{position}} of {{company}}, you must be getting a bunch of emails and deleting most of them just as I do.

The primary reason I am reaching out to you is to discuss your [[your competitor name]] environment. I assist organizations to transition over from [[your competitor’s name]] to [[your company name]] with [[what benefit do they gain]].

We have added over [[the number of customers]] with a healthy percentage being known, trusted [[their industry sector]].

I believe I could be of value to your business and would love to work with you. Are you available for a 15 minutes meeting on Friday?

Bonus Freelancer Outreach Cold Email Template

Bonus Free Cold Email Templets for freelancers to outreach clients made by our experts using the 4 step Email copywriting above.

First email:

Hi {name},

My name is _____________ and I am a digital marketing consultant.

I help businesses get customers using digital marketing.

You can check out my website ____________ to check some of the articles I have written about digital marketing.

And you can also check this case study of how I helped _________ get more than ________ customers in the very first month.

I had a look at your website __________.

I believe that there is room for growth in the following areas:

  • Website design
  • SEO
  • Facebook Audience building
  • Blogging and Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing 
  • Marketing Automation

I would like to get on a 121 consultation call with you to explore this further. I am genuinely interested in helping your business grow.

Thank you,

Yours truly,

{your name}

Second follow up email:

Hi {name},

Just wanted to check with you again because you might have missed my previous email about a free digital marketing consultation call.

I had a look at your website __________.

I believe that there is room for growth in the following areas:

  • Website design
  • SEO
  • Facebook Audience building
  • Blogging and Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing 
  • Marketing Automation

I would like to get on a 121 consultation call with you to explore this further. I am genuinely interested in helping your business grow.

Thank you,

Yours truly,

{your name}

Fill the form to Get a free one-2-one consultation –

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