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Advanced Guide to B2B Copywriting [With 4 Best Examples]

Copywriting is an art of selling.

And B2B Copywriting is an art of selling products or services of one company to another.

If you wish to master this art here is a complete advance guide to help you step-by-step.

What is B2B copywriting?

B2B copywriting is a content strategy companies use to provide their products and services to other companies. The content could be used as articles, brochures or manuals, or newsletters.

In simple words it means to educate brands about your company products or services.

B2B Copywriting Examples-

Here are 4 Best B2B Copywriting Examples by some of the most popular brands –


B2B Copywriting


B2B Copywriting


B2B Copywriting

SEO Marketing Agency

B2B Copywriting

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difference between b2B copywriting and b2C copywriting

The main difference between B2b and B2C copywriting is all about strategies.

We can categorize these strategies into 3 types-

b2b vs b2c copywriting

1. Style

The style directly affects the way you look at a copy. This means how the topic will be approached.

Although the style plays a big role and helps to identify what the customer wants.

Although when it comes to B2B purchasing, the decisions prefer to be analyzed. 

This means that the procedure to research and try to identify the heavy description information to identify whether its value or not.

Wherever with B2C copywriting, 

The consumer makes decisions quickly and sometimes even after doing some research personal, the consumer prefers to buy the content. The description might be shorter, and the style might be emotional.

2. Executer[Decision Maker]

The fact is about how many people decide whether to buy it or not.

Thus, B2B may have more than one executor [Decision Makers] and before purchasing any content, they need to check with each other regardless of their personal needs.

Wherever with B2C,

The consumer can be the one purchasing the content for his personal needs.

That means reaching to B2C audience means marketing to an individual consumer.

Yes, even if there are thousands of consumers, you need to grab the personal attention of each of them and guide them to the decision. 

3. Ethos, pathos and logos

The goal is to persuade your audience that your content is valid and more valid than someone else.

Ethos(Credibility) means convincing by the character of the author.

We tend to believe in people we respect.

Pathos (Emotional) means persuading by appealing to the readers’ emotions.

Language choice affects the audience’s emotional response.

Logos(Logical) means persuading by the use of reasoning.

Giving reasons is the heart of argumentation and cannot be emphasized enough.

With B2B, the audience responds better to logos.

The descriptions must be logical and clear with proof to help any sale.

There are interested in facts.

With B2C, the audience responds to ethos and pathos

When they believe in the author, the emotional appeal within the description and will attract them.

When they believe in their author and the author gives them some emotional content, the author captures their attention.

Type of B2B copywriting!

1. White papers

The goal of the white paper is to make recommendations or guides but not to make a sale.

Most businesses use white papers to lay out a problem and find its solution.

The solution is basically the product/service of the business.

These are long-form of a copy. Their motive is to educate people[Brand Awareness] instead of making a sale.

According to Forbes, 93% of top businesses think that high-quality white paper increase the positive image of the company.

2. Case studies

You can say case studies are long-form testimonials with real-life examples and results.

The goal of a case study is to explain to your customer to know how your product will benefit them.

In 1000-1200 words you explain how our client or customer who purchased your product or service actually got benefit from it, with desired proof.

For instance, I run an SEO Campain for my client, and after getting results from the campaign, I published a case study on it on my blog.

Most businesses regularly publish these types of case studies to maintain their credibility.

3. SEO copywriting

Search Engine Optimisation is something you should know if you desire to become a B2B Copywriter.

SEO Copywriting is required the most when you are writing blog articles or website copy.

The goal is to help boost a website to rank on search engines.

Not just this helps to get rank higher on google but also increases the conversion rate.

4. Technical writing

The goal of a technical copywriter is to take a complex topic and convert it into easily understandable stuff.

This skill requires deep knowledge of technical subjects.

When you make concepts easy for customers there is a lot more chance that the customer will buy from you.

5. Website copywriting

You may have SEO-optimized blog posts attracting tons of traffic, but it’s all useless unless you can convert that traffic into your customers.

A website copywriter writes web-copy for the homepage, about us page, sales page, etc. Basically every other page except blog page.

The goal is to create an active voice to keep your visitors engaged and lead them to take actions that are beneficial for both of you.

6. Emails

Role of B2B Copywriter is to write emails that create a strong relationship of trust between 2 businesses and leads to sales of product or service.

You would write emails showing how your product can help other businesses to grow.

The goal is to express an idea to convince other businesses to buy our products and services.

7. Video scripts

As we are moving towards the era of Videos, B2B Copywriters are in huge demand for creating video scripts that convert viewers to customers.

Without a proper video Script, it is ve difficult to produce high-quality videos for your business.

The goal is to deliver your message into a creatively short video script.

B2B Copywriting

b2b copywriting Niche

Here is a hand-picked list of top B2B Copywriting Niches –

  • Health & Fitness
  • E-Commerce
  • Online Coaching
  • Astrology
  • Consulting Service
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Personal Finance & Accounting
  • Parenting
  • Health care
  • SAAS Company
  • Webinar writing & Video Scripts

Every professional would recommend you to choose a niche if you want to attract real high-paying clients.

As a very famous marketing quote says “When everybody is your audience, then nobody is your audience.

So choose a particular industry before you start marketing yourself.

Best B2B Copywriting Books

Another best way to learn B2B Copywriting is by reading Books.

Here is a shortlist of B2B Copywriting books you can read to improve your copy-

These are some personal recommendations.

b2b copywriting Course

If you think you are not a book person and want step-by-step video lectures from industry experts.

Then you can refer to this course by a professional copywriter [Nick Usborne] who is killing in this industry.

Conversational Copywriting Course

The course contains 18 high-detailed videos explaining highly valuable industry insights with 6 assignments to practice what you have learned.

What You will learn –

  • Creating Sales pages
  • Writing Converting Emails
  • Blogs and Social Media Posts
  • Writing Webpage

It covers almost all the aspects of copywriting which are required to become a professional copywriter.

This is the best course I personally recommend to learn copywriting.

Freelance B2B copywriting skills!

Well, you can’t become a professional copywriter without having these skills.

And don’t worry, take time to understand your audience and find what they want them you will know how you can help them.

The ability to understand the difference of voices is important in b2b

  • Know the audience needs
  • Clear content
  • Focus on the facts
  • Solutions content
  • Make it professional

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Quick Tips [Do’s & Don’t]

If you need to succeed in B2B Copywriting you need to know what you can do and what you can’t do.

  • Knowing the difference will help you to learn faster and provide quality content.
  • Not using your brand story. Instead, be persuasive.
  • Don’t request many actions. Instead, get to the point.
  • Not paying enough attention to your audience. instead, target and focus with one audience.
  • Missing keyword research and SEO. First, understand the topic, then research, try to focus on the needs of your audience and follow SEO guidelines.
  • Don’t speak for yourself. Identify the business owner’s voice.

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