Copywriting books for beginners

9 Best Copywriting books for beginners

So, you would like to get copywriting started. You will not do it without support, whether it’s going to be your full-time career, a part-time role to give you a side income, or you want to learn the skills to promote your brand. Instead of diving right in, it’s better to read up on the do’s and don’ts in copywriting so you’re thoroughly equipped. Here are some of the top Copywriting books for beginners

Inside a few hundred words, which you will read in a couple of hours, the world’s wisdom is condensed.

Until you tell you what you need to remember, people who have made a million mistakes.

When you start, it is invaluable to learn from the greatest of all time.

Now, just reading these books won’t help your copywriting boost immediately, just as you won’t get six-pack abs from reading exercise books.

You will need to incorporate what you’re learning. Copying advertising is a perfect way to supplement your copywriting education and jumpstart your studying with the best direct response copywriting books.

1. John Caples’ Tested Advertising Methods

Copywriting books for beginners

A book that should be in the library of practically any copywriter. The name indicates just what Tested Promotional Techniques are about: validated tactics to sell more. John Caples, a literal advertisement hero, was concerned with split-testing, ensuring that before being featured, any insight in this book was vetted and tested.

I say, this book is old, very old, so old that David Ogilvy (yes THAT David Ogilvy) wrote the forward literally. But as I said in the intro to this category, there is no era for timeless tips… but this book does. It’s medieval. Medieval. But it’s well worth reading, especially if you are copywriting in direct answer or dealing for paid advertising campaigns. I learn Chapter 5 is the highest.

Chapter 5 is worth the price of a novel… You’ll learn why five out of ten commercials use one of his headline strategies. About why? And today they’re all working. Caples was one of the first experts in advertising to assess which advertisements effective. Even now, his techniques described in this book make total sense.

2. Web Copy That Sells -Maria Veloso

Copywriting books for beginners

This book is not just about copy printing. It’s all about maximizing the usability of the site, using the newsletter to its full potential, how to change your writing through multiple platforms…

In short, this book will teach you how the copywriting techniques you learn on the web can be implemented. It’s a vital talent to have, for much of what you post today will surface on the internet. This book will teach you how it needs to be produced.

For mentioning the copying-by-hand exercise to become a world-class copywriter, Bonus points to Maria. This is where, in the first place, I got the idea.

3. So you think you can write? The Definitive Guide to Successful Online WritingJulia McCoy’s

Copywriting books for beginners

Step by step, this book teaches you how to tackle the seven big forms of online material: social media, blogs, web content, ad or sales copy, news, writing in the business, and creative writing.

McCoy continues by describing the talents of storytelling that are just as fundamental to both of these types. She explains that advertising for individuals is just as relevant as targeting search engines and provides a bonus chapter on how to sell copywriting services.

4. Robert Bly’s The Copywriter’s Handbook

Copywriting books for beginners

This book’s title sums it up pretty perfectly. It’s the OG handbook for copywriting.

Robert Bly drills into every possible copywriting strategy within its 400+ pages, and with a prolific freelance career (back when freelancing was not even a thing) and more than 60 books to his credit, Robert Bly knows his business.

This is ideal for beginners or advertisers who wish to learn the sales methods used in copywriting and has been revised to include additional applications for current copywriting applications (ex. email, landing pages, etc.).

Bly does exactly what he recommends – deliver the facts. I think I had to pause every other sentence just to think for a second and process the information. This is a textbook and therefore takes a lot of concentration. The information is excellent…For sales copywriting the book is great, however for branding it lacks.- Goodreads

5. Gary C. Halbert’s The Boron Letters

Copywriting books for beginners

Legend has it that by actually reading The Boron Letters 100 times, you can substitute your 10,000 hours of copywriting practice. The secret is that you need to carefully read them, taking the same amount of time it would take you to write a copy worth 10,000 hours.

The Boron Letters is not a novel, unlike the other books on this list. It is a series of letters to his son, Bond, from Gary C. Halbert (aka the Best Copywriter Who Ever Lived).

Gary reveals his insider insights in these letters about how to impress and convert copy clients, and he sprinkles along the way with a few bits of life advice. To connect the ideas to contemporary ads, Bond often throws in his two cents underneath each letter.

The Boron Letters is a masterpiece of a cult that goes beyond copywriting alone. This “book” is for you if you want insights into copywriting, advertisement, persuasion, career, and life and, most specifically, if you want to be able to totally miss writing and only read your way to making millions as a copywriter.

6. Gill Andrews’ Make The Website Work

Copywriting books for beginners

A website is sometimes very bad and needs a lot of effort. A website is generally pretty good sometimes, but a few easy aspects hold it down. Also if you want to start blogging than it is one of the best copywriting books for beginners in blogging.

Gill Andrews has helped thousands of companies boost the efficiency of a website, and her book Make Your Website Run has the advice you need, whether you are working on a total dumpster fire of a website or a solid platform that only requires a few tweaks.

Make Your Website Run is a must-read if you want to get something out of your website, produce tangible outcomes for your customers, or find new ways to boost website copying and design that you’ve never dreamed of before.

7. This Is Marketing by Seth Godin 

Copywriting books for beginners

Seth Godin’s head is packed with insanely helpful tips on narrative, messaging, and networking, the guy behind Squidoo (remember that?!), and one of today’s most successful marketers. Marketing uses all of the godly insight and condenses it into a helpful, if often idealistic, book that explores how to communicate in the modern world with consumers. This book is also available under the Hindi copywriting books section under amazon copywriting books.

8. Everybody Writes: The Go-To Guide by Ann Handley to Produce Ridiculously Good Content

Copywriting books for beginners

Each section of the book by Handley is targeted towards helping you keep clients. It illustrates why sharing a story, an identity, and a style matters just as much to the audience as hard selling, and why good content can still make or break business success in a world of hashtags and Snapchat posts.

It addresses the fundamentals of grammar and best practice, how to tell an empathic tale, and the tools of content you need to use, as well as a ‘Stuff Marketers Write’ segment that discusses the 17 different styles of content you can learn to sell your product and yourself. 

This isn’t just about copywriters and potential copywriters, as the title suggests. It’s like anyone who’s writing (in other words: you). This is a book for any owner, entrepreneur, and marketer of a small business who wants to sharpen their writing craft.

9. By Roger Horberry and Gyles Lingwood READ ME

Copywriting books for beginners

I know, the title says “read me” and you’re presumably going to do exactly that. Copywriter Roger Horberry and Gyles Lingwood, the College of Arts’ Director of Education, deliver just what the cover promises in this book: 10 practical tools and activities to help you write more convincing copies.

Read Me is ideal if you’re just beginning your career in writing and want to know the fundamentals behind using words to produce amazing messages.

Depending on where you are in your career, you’ll be aware of much of what you’re being taught. But it doesn’t matter. It’s presented in a thought-provoking way, it’s packed with additional insights, and it’s full of brilliant examples. It’s worth the purchase just to kick-start your swipe file of great advertising ideas.- by Goodreads

To sum up the best books for copywriting journey

Hopefully, this guide to the best copywriting books for beginners gives you a great place to start on your journey towards writing for a living. and you can check out some more of the best books for copywriters by exploring amazon different books will help you gain the knowledge you wanted and as a novice in this segment can start with these books. these all books are under the top 20 books for copywriting hood.

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