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20 amazing Copywriting quotes to inspire your Writing

Looking for copywriting to move into? In the footsteps of the Greats, you walk!

A perfect way for you to set your priorities and get into the right headspace that will set you up for success is to hear from the experts.

For decades, pioneers like Gary Halbert and David Ogilvy have perfected their work and you might surely stand to learn a lot (or ten) from them. they have summed up their life experiences in these inspiring and motivating copywriting quotes.

As a long list of quotations from great copywriters through the years, this article started life. But I found that unforgettable guidance for authors comes from disciplines that sometimes appear irrelevant to the profession, as I mined these writing jewels.

Copywriting quotes
  1. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo Da Vinci

How much this quotation inspires me is difficult to describe. 

This short phrase has had more than any other effect on my writing style. I take out this quote anytime I find my writing distorted and convoluted.

Keep the prose concise, readable, and to the point. Leonardo must have preferred it.

  1. “You can have everything you want in life if you will help enough people get what they want.”—Zig Ziglar

Zig has been one of the most famous salesmen of all time, and one of the first I’ve studied. Zig Ziglar, a top salesman, passionate trainer, and fair businessman, was evidence that industry and ethics in the same area could co-exist. This quote tells me that one guy, product, or article doesn’t depend on my success as a writer.

The more individuals you will help accomplish their aims with your publication, the more successful you can become.

  1. “When I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you find it ‘creative.’ I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product.”  – David Ogilvy

Creativity is dandy and perfect. But you’ve just entertained and not served your position as a copywriter if the prospect will recall the ad and not the product.

  1. “Make your copy straightforward to read, understand and use. Use easy words; those that are used for everyday speech. Use phrases that are not too imprecise and very understandable. Do not be too stuffy; remove pompous words and substitute them with plain words. Minimize complicated gimmicks and constructions. If you can’t give the data directly and briefly, you must consider writing the copy again.” – Jay Abraham

The takeaway from this copywriting quote is keep your copy as simple as you can. even a layman should be able to understand it without a bit of confusion.

Copywriting quotes
  1. “The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.” – Thomas Jefferson

Just one cent is always a penny saved. Or there could have been a penny missed. An essential expense, not an excessive expense, is good copywriting.

  1. “What I am doing here is taking the reader by the hand and leading him exactly where I want him to go. It seems like a small point and, maybe it is, but is the little touches like this that keeps the letter flowing, the reader moving along, and, it relieves him of the burden of trying to figure out what he is supposed to do when he finishes reading a particular page.” – Gary Halbert

Frame your copy in such a structured way that your prospect should take the desired actions according to you.

For instance, your reader reads your copy and directly understood that he has to sign up if he wants the problem to be resolved

  1. “There is a secret every professional artist knows that the amateurs don’t: being original is overrated. The most creative minds in the world are not especially creative; they’re just better at rearrangement.” – Jeff Goins

The above quote states that being original is not enough, you have to analyze your competitors move and what he is offering to the prospect and then design how you can offer something better than your competitor.

  1.  “The word block suggests that you are constipated or stuck when the truth is that you’re empty.” – Anne Lamott

  1. “So, before you begin the writing, be sure you know the purpose or mission or objective of every piece of content that you write. What are you trying to achieve? What information, exactly, are you trying to communicate? And why should your audience care?” – Ann Handley

  1. “I’ve learned that any fool can write a bad ad, but that it takes a real genius to keep his hands off a good one.” – Leo Burnett

  1. “Tap a single overwhelming desire existing in the hearts of thousands of people who are actively seeking to satisfy it at this very moment.” – Eugene Schwartz
Copywriting quotes

Copywriting quotes by Don Draper

Don Draper is a fictional character of the series “Mad Man” who has given these famous copywriting quotes –

  1. “You Are the Product. You Feel Something. That’s What Sells.”

With this line, Don hits home. He claims you actually ought to trust in the good or service you are offering.

The conviction evokes emotion and a feeling for the offers. When they describe something they feel deeply about, who does not get passionate? In your campaign pitch, the feeling and sense of passion shine through.

Prospects can see it, they can hear it, and they can get the same feeling about the offers when you’re healthy.

  1. “If You Don’t Like What’s Being Said, Change the Conversation.”

This quotation is also extremely important in a culture that is radically different from the one depicted in Mad Men. There are plenty of forums today to hold online debates on almost everything.

Negative comments and remarks are bound to slip through when you have a huge online community.

It is important to engage in the dialogue, but also to prevent an online “yelling match” over who is right or wrong. Instead, turn the topic about how you can enrich and help give a more positive experience to “Mr. Smith”.

  1. “You’re Good. Get Better. Stop Asking For Things.”

Particularly in today’s world, marketing is still evolving. Even if this quote’s meaning in the show was different, it still refers to one overarching theme.

You know better than anyone if you are selling your company that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

To see what will be useful to introduce, you have to constantly discover new ideas and look at new patterns. There’s a simple general meaning here: don’t wait to be told what to do or taught, but rather go out and own it.

  1. “It’s Useless to Be a Creative Unless You Can Sell What You Create.”

This quote is quite straightforward, but still very impactful as well. You can make the newest shiniest thing, but if when creating it you had no rhyme to your reason, it’s useless.

In a way that makes people want to buy it, you must be able to pitch your new idea and your product or service. This idea goes back to the significance of “feeling your product.”

Copywriting quotes
  1. “Think About It Deeply, Then Forget It, and an Idea Will Jump Up in Your Face.”

While working on ideas at work, they were always short. About a project? Most of us did. When you come up with ideas, this quote helps inspire forward-thinking and creativity.

You can think hard all you want, but you have to let the ideas flow to you at some point.

  1. “I’m Glad This Is an Environment Where You Feel Free to Fail.”

This quote was not said positively, knowing the way Don Draper is as a character. Draper did not take failure kindly because he always struggled to get the job done and get the job done right.

As failure is part of the learning process, my spin on this quote would be not to be afraid to fail. It’s how you get better and new ideas are discovered.

“happy” accidents have created some of the best inventions. Make work and life happy accidents, and you may end up better somewhere than where you were before.

  1. Advertising Is Based on One Thing: Happiness

And are you aware of what happiness is? Happiness is the smell of a new automobile. It is freedom from anxiety. It’s a roadside billboard screaming with the reassurance that whatever you’re doing is all right. You’re all right.’

Everyone wants to be satisfied. Children want to be happy, grown-ups want to be happy, and the elderly want to be happy.

The focus of marketing and advertising is to present products and services in a way that shows their value in the lives of customers. They’ll buy from you when your prospects see how your offerings can make them happy.

  1. “You Can’t Tell People What They Want. It Has to Be What You Want.”

There is a catch, and that is the fact that they don’t want to be told what they want. People need someone to tell them what to do.

You’ve got to tell them what you want, and then perhaps they’re more willing to meet you where you are. If you sell something to someone, make your desires their desires. You can help influence them to want what you have if they don’t know what they want.

For more quotations from Don Draper, as well as from the other go-getter characters, we highly recommend you watch the riveting TV series Mad Men. There’s always something to gain from sales, advertising, or marketing demonstrations.

Copywriting quotes

To conclude 

These all some of the best copywriting quotes from the history and new era of copywriting. To read them and let them come into your practice will help you to become a better copywriter, these quotes can be understood by anyone either a beginner or a professional copywriter and they work for all. With this, the article also includes some of the best quotes from drop draper and how he was perfect to deliver the content and the quotes. Each quote by him has a sense of integrity and smartness. This article has given you the idea of how you can achieve excellence in your copy through deep research and keeping your copy simple.  

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