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11 Best Copywriting Websites

To pull your career to success, you need good resources if you are a copywriter. In the sense that the former wants to induce readers to take concrete acts, copywriters are distinct from blogs and writers, while the latter typically encourages readers to gain knowledge by supplying useful material for marketing purposes.

You ought to understand how to write newsletters, sales pages, and infomercials as a copywriter. You ought to support yourself build the abilities to write well and to be able to attract people to take action after reading your work to understand certain aspects that are important in copywriting.

To understand how to write good content for copywriting websites you should refer to these blogs.

  • A smart approach to take to gain useful advice from professionals is to visit blogs that can help you develop your abilities to become a good copywriter. For a successful copywriting effort, you will learn good tips and guides that are essential. Many of us have used the famous phrase: “Your 24/7 salesperson is your website.”
  • Your website is your digital storefront, good, bad, or just plain mediocre, on which customers and prospects depend when researching your brand online. And if you’re doing it right, you can provide these visitors with your website as the best and most accessible sales tool.
  • But right now, is your present website working that hard for you, or is it falling back to more of a part-time situation? In addition to design and UX (two key variables in a website designed with the growth-driven design approach of HubSpot in mind), another key contributor is
  • Because your site is such an essential business tool, you must convey the exact correct message that you want your target customers to see to make your site work harder for you.
  • So, fantastic! Just write a copy, pop it up on your website, and that’s it, isn’t it? Ok, regrettably, not necessarily. If you’re new to copywriting, you’ll need to bear in mind that there are a few crucial best practices that will not only help you keep copying on track, but also equip your website with the data it needs to be that salesperson you know it can be 24/7.

How to Write for best Copywriting Websites

The first thing about excellent online writing you need to remember is that you have more than one client. The customers who visit your site need to be wooed and persuaded of your product’s consistency. Make it useful and easier for them than what they would find through Google.

But so do the rating spiders of the search engine who scan web material periodically to judge if it is important and useful. Writing the content is called search engine optimization (or SEO) in a way that these spiders enjoy and is a skilled art and technical writing ability.

SEO-optimized content will contain main sentences. These are the sort of terms that people you want to target are likely to bring in to locate details in a search engine. For starters, “what is web copywriting” are the keywords for this piece. See how high that term appears at the beginning of the article?

This helps to drive the site higher up the ranks of the search engine and get more visitors. Understanding how SEO works is critical. More tips on how to write website material for SEO are available from and our blog posts.

Making SEO copywriting quality writing would be the skills you need to develop. Often, for odd keywords, you will need to function, but you will need to combine them in a manner that sounds familiar and natural. Your key client is still individual. Just write to them.

Top Sites for Copywriting

It’s a good start to look for any tips about how to become a good and effective copywriter. Top Copywriting Sites some professionals advise on different areas of copywriting from which you can learn.

Tips with unrestricted topics from the forum are offered that you may be involved in as important to your area of expertise. For a newbie copywriter, it’s a good resource to understand a better understanding of what copywriting is and how to manage pitfalls in their copywriting career.

 Kayla Hollatz

While testing my search rankings, I found this next instance from Kayla Hollatz. At this point, I figured my top #10 list was already finalized (LOL), but her site was so awesome, I had to adjust my list to include it, which began the whole snowball of changing and adding and changing and adding… thanks a lot to Kayla!

Why This Is A Great Website for Writers:

  • Beautiful, clean, and personable style
  • Nice magnet with lead in the shape of a quiz
  • Clear definition of the advantages offered
  • Using actual evidence to encourage knowledge
  • It’s got a lot going for this platform. The style is rather distinctive. It has an aesthetic that is elegant but playful. And it has an enjoyable user interface.
  • More importantly, the reader is taken through an intentional narrative journey by both the design and the copy.

Kayla goes all-in on personality from the perspective of a copy. While she does not hone in on a segment directly, her marketing does it for her and can draw the kinds of consumers who identify with personality and want to build a story for their company that is fun.

Kayla also does a fantastic job of breaking down the benefits of working with her from every angle and includes the information to back up her claims. Besides, using a quiz as her lead magnet serves to differentiate her noticeably and offer potential customers something outside of the box.

Kayla and her partner, Zach Hollatz, developed this blog. She is the copywriter and he is the designer and producer, and they are now working together to provide their customers with equally epic pages, which I think is pretty cool. I’m not sure how much they charge, but I’d guess it would be in the $5k-$10k range between the copy and the design.

The only other comment I would make is that Kayla has some amazing testimonials, but they are all buried at the end of her copywriting page from what I can tell. To finalize the great copy and build, extending these around the web will be the icing on the cake. In the service sector, testimonials are very, very strong, so I would certainly suggest having hers embedded into the web.

Nandini Jammi 

For this next instance from Nandini Jammi, the best word that comes to mind is ‘impressive.’

Why This Is A Great Website for Writers:

The notifications are impressive.

The social data is remarkable.

The photographs and animations are fantastic.

The style and flow were impressive.

From the moment you hit her website, you know that Nandini Jammi is not just another copywriter.

With a backdrop photo that says, “It’s in your best interest for me to run this meeting,” he introduces himself as someone “here to build bold and honest brands, change minds, and f*#$ up the status quo.” Her presentation is filled with industry-leading brands and publications. Her portfolio includes various brands that you have heard of in reality.

All is handled at a high standard, and you feel like you’ve just been exposed to someone who always gets shit done when you land on Nandini’s blog. In great personal branding, it’s a case study.

Going beyond branding, on her service pages, Nandini hits all the important points. Her copy is niche-targeted and heavily concentrated on advantages. In everything she says, she is very straightforward and concise, and you get the impression after reading her copy that she’s going to come in with a very clear game plan if you recruit her to help you get the results you need.

This one struck me with the best first experience of all the sites on this list, but unlike the previous two, you won’t need a $5k+ budget to try and replicate this platform, which is designed using a theme and plugins from WordPress. Nandini could have put this website together herself (as I did with my website) or had a designer do it at a reasonably decent co-operation.

What this illustrates to us is that you don’t need a personalized website template to create a genuinely outstanding website experience if you are a professional copywriter with an excellent sense of personal branding. In reality, using WordPress themes or similar website builders, the rest of the websites on this list are all built.

And while it is doubtful that you will be able to make the same impression as Nandini, to create something that is far more spectacular and captivating than the number of its parts or the dollars in its budget, you should use your sense of personal branding.

Portfolio with Journo Portfolio

Customization is at the heart of Journo Portfolio, and the organization was “founded on the principle that a platform should not hold back what your portfolio looks like or can do,” according to their website.

On this front, it sure doesn’t disappoint. It includes fully customizable themes, personalized domain names and helps you to group your work across multiple sites and parts. One of the other excellent aspects is that you can write on the website directly, allowing you to highlight both your latest and previous work on one forum.

Journo Portfolio, unlike Squarespace and Carbonmade, has a free account option. There are drawbacks to the free account, though, because once you switch to a pro bundle ($7.99), you can’t use your domain name. The Journo Portfolio is still a decent choice for anyone starting, so don’t let this scare you off.

The Pressfolios

Another fund site aimed specifically at copywriters, blogs, photographers, and communications practitioners is Pressfolios. It has two main characteristics:

1. Showcase your work easily: Pressfolios is very user-friendly and if you are not technically inclined a fantastic choice. The website requires you to upload a cover image, a bio, and a segment ‘about’.

2. Back up your work: Any single piece you submit is automatically created and saved to the cloud in a PDF format. This ensures that the replica doesn’t vanish if the original website goes offline.

For 14 days, you can try Pressfolios for free. It is, though, one of the most expensive portfolio sites available, and plans start at $9.99 a month (250 pieces of work). There are several options available for the pro plan ($14.99), including unrestricted copying and personalized domain names.


A simple and no-frills platform is Writerfolio. All you need to do is pick a design and fill in the blanks. It takes very little technical expertise. In a matter of minutes, a full site can be set up.

You can upload infinite samples, customize and get customized support for your domain name. A variety of models are also available to select from. This is a pretty basic choice compared with the other websites. However, for a copywriter with a limited portfolio or budget, it’s not costly and can be a perfect starting point. There isn’t a free version, so it costs only $4 for a monthly account.

Ultimately, to build your portfolio, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This is just a snapshot of the internet sites available, so do your homework and pick a website that highlights your body of work best and is within your budget.

Do you want to know how to bring a portfolio together? Get advice on how to build a portfolio for a killer copywriter.

Website of Writer: Kaleigh Moore

This delightfully minimalist example from copywriter Kaleigh Moore is next on our list.

Why This Is A Great Website for Writers:

  • Extremely sophisticated messaging
  • Fantastic ratings and use of feedback
  • One of the best signup pages for a newsletter I’ve ever seen
  • Simple, well-organized structure of the site and navigation

Another excellent example of niche concentration and plain, sleek style is Kaleigh’s messaging. A lot of young authors are hesitant to say, “I only work with these kinds of companies,” but simply because of that, places such as Kaleigh’s do well.

If you are searching for an e-commerce copy or SaaS copy relevant to e-commerce, Kayleigh’s messaging would resonate even more with you than what you see on my website or any of the other websites on this list.

Kaleigh has one of the best newsletter signup pages I’ve ever seen, going past a copy. In letting the reviews/testimonials speak for themselves, there is something very powerful. Testimonials in the entire platform are still used well. They are visually desirable and, most critically, important to the content.

The site of Kaleigh is also a very prime example of content organization, something that always goes wrong for new freelancers. She’s got 6 total pages. None are superfluous. None of them is too long. All are readily available. Emulate it!


Copyblogger can build large numbers of followers for copywriters. You can find helpful posts that are a good basis for your copywriting career, read by its founder, Brian Clark, and other copywriting professionals.

There are many subjects available for reading and you can certainly explore the site’s variety of problems and smart copywriting tips. As a bonus, the website also provides insight into SEO writing and innovative writing that you can use with your copywriting skills.

Haden Interactive

Copywriting Websites

On this site, you can find very helpful guides and tips about copywriting. The real-life examples provided on the site will give you a good understanding of the key concepts of a good career in copywriting.

To clarify her debate about SEO and efficient copywriting techniques, Haden Interactive also provides screenshots of websites that are not read by the search engine. Good advice on link building, SEO, and regular blogging as well as from the site can also be found.


Copywriting Websites

If you’re super serious about practicing copywriting or even becoming yourself a copywriter, so the place to go is AWAI.

They have seriously informative copywriting workshops put together by some of the world’s leading copywriters. (I took a course in copywriting… and it changed my life forever in so many positive ways.)

But even if you don’t want to be a copywriter or take any of the classes they have to give, there are some awesome gems on the blog and newsletter to help make better copies in just about every capacity.

Any of our day’s great copywriters such as Bob Bly, Ed Gandia, and Steve Slaunwhite (along with many others) contribute to this blog and share their knowledge and experience to assist you along the way.

Most of the material is targeted at people who wish to become copywriters, so it is right up your alley if this sounds like you.

Business Casual Copy 

Copywriting Websites

JOEL KLETTKE’s copywriting

Honestly, I am a genuinely great fan of Joel and his work. I wish I could have spent a day or two picking up his brain.

Joel is not only a professional web copywriter, but his blog has some excellent knowledge and advice for the online community about how to write copies.

You will easily conclude on your own that all of those statements are accurate if you spend a few minutes reading through the material on his website.

Boost Blog Traffic

Learn how to write copies to boost traffic on blogs

On Jon Marrow’s blog, Raise Blog Views, just about any serious online entrepreneur has read something. What many people don’t know is that you can learn copywriting skills from much of what Jon has on his blog.

Copywriting (most often) is writing phrases that allow individuals to perform a certain action. Raise Blog Traffic has many forms of blogging that show people the digital samurai’s techniques.


This complete guide of best-copywriting websites will help the reader to learn from some of the best websites of copywriting. The copywriter needs to learn continuously and these websites will help you make your websites or blogs wonderfully attractive to readers. 

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Thanks for Reading, stay tuned for latest updates.


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